Friday, March 31, 2006

Canada in 8!!! booya! + house stat A.O.K

Howdy folks,

Well thank freaking god its Friday. I really am not sure why but ever since I got back from that promotions trip I have just not been myself, I am tired all the time and I am really having trouble getting motivated to do just about anything. Anyway next wed I will be going to Qroo to do promotions in playa del Carmen and then in Cozumel… worse places to have to go on business there certainty is! Anyway after I am done with that I will be on my way to Canada. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to the Maritimes this time, I will probably be mostly in Ottawa although I will hopefully also be spending some time in Montreal! BOOYA. Also my mortgage thingy was approved so everything is a go with my house… its being built and it should be ready to start moving in September… or so they say, but to be completely honest I don’t buy it… if the house is done by December I will be more than happy and quite impressed. Anyway I am really looking forward to having MY own place…not an apartment, not a basement… a house. I probably wont be able to do it straight away but my intention is to put a little pool, bar and BBQ pit in the back yard… man that is gonna be sweet. Anyway I best get back to work.

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