Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just a couple videos from Finnmark

I have taken a couple videos with my trusty GoPro up here in the Norwegian Arctic and thought I would share them as lots of people have been asking what its like up here. The first is a of the flight from Kierkenes to Vadso while the second is a little ride along through town (Vadso). I apologize for the nausea, the second video is a bit shaky at times. That`s all for now. Carlos out!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Settling in to life in Vadsø

When I told Jeanette I would follow her to the ends of the earth, I really did not think she would take it so literally. After our first week here we are finally all settled in to our new apartment and starting to feel a bit more at home. That being said Vadsø is of-course extremely different from what we are used to. The landscape is quite rugged (in a beautiful kind of way) but what I guess I find the most strange is the almost complete lack of trees; but I guess that's just how it goes up here in the arctic. The town itself has quite a few services for a place its size (just over 5000).There are a few grocery stores, a cafe and even a cinema (which we have not yet been to). The apartment is quite comfortable and little Emma seems quite happy, which is of course the most important thing. Fortunately the internet connection is really quite fast (though expensive, as is everything in Norway anyway). We are all feeling optimistic and looking forward to doing a little more exploring. There are a few nearby national parks I would really like to check out as well as a handful of communities here in Norway, Finland and Russia. I have not yet been able to venture out to much but I have sapping some shots here and there throughout the week.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting started in Vadsø

Well as many of you probably already know my wife Jeanette, our little girl Emma and I have moved up to the Norwegian arctic. Last Sunday after five flights we finally arrived in the town of Vadsø and are just now finishing with the moving process. This entire week has been extremely hectic so we are really looking forward to wrap up setting up the apartment so we can do some exploring.  I have not really had the opportunity to get out start taking photos... but the town and its surrounding are quite nice. With about 5000 inhabitants Vadsø is the largest town in the region and the municipal seat of government. As you may imagine distances between communities up this far north are quite large and it seems like people depend on flights quite a bit to get around. Anyway I will keep this first post short but rest assured there will be more from the Rosado-Borg family arctic adventure!

First photo I snapped getting off the plane!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Quintana Roo adventure with the boys pt. 2 (Dzibanche, Kinichna and Belize)

Aside from lounging around in the lagoon and in the Palapa at the house in Bacalar, Tonatiuh, Soples, Jonnathan and I decided to do a couple day-trips. One day we made our way to the Belize border where we shopped around for knickknacks and just kinda hung out. The "Zona Libre" of "Free Zone" in Belize is basically just a big market area in Belize you can enter without the need of a passport or any documentation at all really. However on your way back the Mexican authorities do ask for some form of ID. The next day we all made our way to the archaeological sites of  Dzibanche and Kinichna. Though only about one hour from Bacalar and about 40 minutes from Chetumal, the ruins of these ancient cities are sparsely visited... which is surprising given how relatively easy they are to get to and the fact that they are very impressive. Though I was expecting to see more Rio-Bec like architecture at the site I was fairly surprised to find a sites that resemble Calakmul in many ways. I guess this does make sense since they are not really that far from the Peten. In any case they are very cool sites well worth checking out. Another very cool feature of these wonderful sites was the abundance of wildlife. In our time there I managed to photograph many interesting animals such as howler moneys, owls, and a bunch of really huge insects. All in all it was an extremely successful outing =)

Quintana Roo adventure with the boys pt. 1 (Bacalar)

Yesterday I got back from spending five days at Bacalar with my good friends Tonatiuh and Raul (AKA Soples). We stayed at a really nice place on the lagoon owned by Raul's family and boy... is it ever nice. It was really cool to get some time to hang out with my buds, enjoy the lagoon and the wildlife in the area. There was lots of beer drinking and playing domino under the palapa... so yeah, I would say it was a very successful trip! As you can probably tell by the aerial shots I also brought the drone along, which was tons of fun also. We also did a few day trips but I will post those photos in another post. Enjoy the photos!