Friday, October 26, 2007

Exploring the trails of North Vancouver

Today I went out to explore the trails around the area I am currently living in North Vancouver. It was a especially nice day so I am glad I did not let the opportunity pass. I have been looking around for work quite vigorously, but I figured today would be a good day to get some down time. Anyway here are some of the pictures I took.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Downtown Vancouver

Well I have been in Vancouver a bit over a week now. As I am fairly sure I mentioned in my previous post, I have been staying with my uncle and aunt in North Vancouver. I started working almost straight away (at a restaurant, till I find something else) so I have not had to many opportunities to get outside and take photos… until today, which was my day off. Vancouver is a very pretty cosmopolitan city… probably the most cosmopolitan I have ever seen. There really are all kinds of people here and being from good old homogeneous Merida, it makes for a nice change. The city is also very modern and has a very different feel to cities like Montreal or Halifax. My only major complaint is about how expensive it is here… its really insane. Vancouverites are very proud of their city, and they should be … but I have to wonder, for how much longer can these prices keep going up? I smell a bubble about to pop. Anyway here are a few pics, hope you enjoy them.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Just some street

View of the city from the North Shore (mmm I love my telephoto)

Nice shot at Standley Park

Nifty Totem pole at Standley Park

Marina at Standley Park

Bottom of another really cool Totem

Thats all for now!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Well, I am finally here. I arrived in Vancouver a couple nights ago and so far things are going quite well. I am staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins until I find myself a job and am able to get my own place. Everyone has been very nice and this of course has made the transition much easier. Anyway it had been raining pretty much non stop since I arrived, but since we got a break in the weather this afternoon I decided to go out and take some photos. I had forgotten how beautiful this province was, I am really amazed by how much and how big the vegetation is… what a change from the bushy flat lands of the Yucatan peninsula! In any case I am sure that this is just the first of many post of the woods around these parts. Hope you like the pics.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Vancouver or bust!

Well I am writing this from the Merida airport and enjoying the free wifi. If you are at all a frequent reader you probably know that I am now on my way to Vancouver. I am really excited about moving back to Canada and think that it’s the right thing for me right now. I am of course really going to miss my family and friends in Merida… but I am quite used to goodbyes by now, and besides I expect a bunch of visitors. Anyway I am really excited to see what British Columbia has in store for me, I can’t wait to go out for a hike and take a bunch of photos. I will try to update with some nice pics ASAP.