Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fredericton was cool

Well all and all Fredericton was quite a good time, it was really good to hang out with Rafa and everyone... it was quite weird to be back... but it was cool... I got to see just about everyone I wanted to see so I really cant complain. I feel really bad for poor Rafa, he has the worlds worst roomates... I was there for just under a week and I was seriously thinking about just taking them out... I have the ticket to mexico ready and everything after all. As you can probably tell from my last post... being in fredericton did kinda screw me up a bit... it was just so strange.. all these emotions, all these memories... but it was like I was completely disconected from them, yet I was not. At the moment I am with Justin in Moncton but this afternoon I will get on a 15 hour train to Ottawa... ewwww. I am gonna go visit with Jeanette for a few days and after that I think we are going to be going to Montreal... I leave on Monday so that is fast aproaching! Anyway I think that is all for now. Post soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back in NB!

So I am back in NB! messed up stuff!!!
I took the train from Ottawa yesterday... arghhh it was a long ride but it was not that bad... I managed to sleep most of the time and did a fair bit of reading as well. Anyway here I am. Unfortunately Justin is working... but he will be free at 11 so maybe we will go out for some drinks or something like that... if he does not wimp out on me!. Anyway I will be going to fredericton quite soon... its gonna be nice, although I am not sure exactly what to expect... its going to be quite different from what I remember... since so many people will not be there, gezzz I guess we shall see.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taking it easy in Montreal

Well as you know I have been in Montreal for a few days... unfortunately I have developed a nasty cold... I think I got it on the flight over, you know how it is when you are closed up with several hundred people in a closed space for 7 hours! Anyway I have really been taking it easy... I have not really gone out or anything except for last night... Eduardo gave Mike and I hockey tickets to go see the canadiens vs lightning... montreal won 2-3 so yay! it was really neat... we got to sit in the company both and stuff... there was free beer, food... good time all arround. Anyway as I said... other than that not to much has been going on, I am doing quite a bit better so I just want to take it easy so that I can recover fully ASAP. I am going to NB on the train on the 15... so I am really looking forward to that. Its starting to get quite cold and windy over here... so I will be happy to head over to Merida... its nice to know that I am going to completely avoid the winter this year!!! hahah in your face nature! Also I finaly heard back from the UADY, it looks like we are going to set up a meeting when I get back so that we can talk about any oportunities they may have for me... its far from a sure thing, but I think it sounds of promise. Anyway I better get going, I am going to call Mitch and I think we may go see a movie at the dollar cinema! yay!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sick as a dog in Montreal

Well the flight from Paris was quite a nightmare... the flight was delayed for 5 hours and then when I finaly got on the plane I cough a dreadfull cold... so now I am as sick as a dog in Montreal! On the plus side at least I never really did get that sick in Europe... so I guess I should count my blessings... although this head cold really does suck! I hope to be able to kick it soon... I have not been doing much and taking care of myself... and actualy I do feel quite a bit better than I did yesterday... probably because I actualy got some sleep, but the grogyness is still very much there. I am staying with Carla and Eduardo, Mitchel and Michael arrive tonight I think... so I dont know if I am gonna go to Mikes... or what... but what ever, I am just happy I am not going to any bloody hostels! The little mp3 player I got in berlin is woking out quite well... I wish it suported directories... but meh! it works just fine. Anyway I am planing to go to NB on the 15 or 17th ish... so I am excited about that, it will be really cool to see everyone over there and have plenty a beer at the cellar... ahhh good times, good times.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Well this is the end...

So much has happened in the last half a year over here in Europe I dont even know what to say really. Gun fights in madrid, tranvestite hookers in amsterda, being stranded in albania, car accidents in Istambul... man! It has been a truly wonderful time... but now its over. tomorow I should be on a flight to Montreal... I plan to go out to ottawa and NB and be back in montreal by the 20ish to get my flight back home on the 28... I hope things work out! wish me luck... and see you arround in Quebec, NB, Mexico or what ever.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Leaving Berlin =(

Well its time to go... I really love berlin, I could so totaly live here... its just so amazing... its going to be strange. Anyway today I fly to Paris, I will be there for four nights and then I will make my way to Canada via Montreal. From Montreal I hope to go to Ottawa and NB so I still have some travel ahead of me. Last night I went out for the last time to the Caffe Burger... *sigh* I am gonna miss that club. Anyway I am quite exausted... and thus cant really thing of that much to say... Ill probably post again prom Paris. Cheers!