Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chiapas pt. 2 (fall 2008)

And here is the second bunch of the Series. Tomorow I leave for agua azul and palenque, so ill probably have some new photos up in the next few days... so check back often!

Chiapas pt. 1 (fall 2008)

Well after a week in Celestun I moved over to Chiapas. Again, I have not really been online very much... but I have been shooting like crazy. Here are some of the photos from the "cañon del sumidero" and San Cristobal de la Casas. I have been making this trip quite often lately, but I cant say that I mind at all. Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos... I expect there will be many more

Monday, September 08, 2008

Week in Celestun pt. 2

And here is the second bunch of photos. I am on my way to chiapas today, so I should be able to get online a bit more... hopefuly some nice photos will be shot to!
- C

Week in Celestun pt. 1

So, as you may or may have not notices I have not been online for quite some time. I have actually been out of town with a group and have not really had any access to the internet (oh the humanity!). I have however been snapping some photos (no big surprise there eh?) and these first couple batches are from the Celestun natural reserve in Northern Yucatan state. Hope you enjoy the photos!