Friday, July 29, 2005

last full day in paris :(

Paris has been great, what a city! The women are amazing the food and wine excelent... all is great except the price. The hostel is pretty good so Sergio and I are quite happy about that, the only thing is that there is this really weird russian dude in the dorm and he kinda creeps us out. Tomorow I meet up with Maggie and from there, well we will see. I hope that I can find a nice and cheep internet caffe tu burn my pics and upload a few to the site and/or blog. Thats it for now.
P.S. Not going to miss the french keyboards, arghhh!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In Paris!

Well I arrived in Paris a few days ago and cought up with Sergio. The first hostel we stayed at was shit (3 ducks) but the one we are at now is actualy quite good (Aloha Hostel Paris). We would like to stay a few more days but we dont know if we will be able to. After paris we are gonna meet up with maggie, although I am not 100% sure what we are doing yet, but I am sure we will have a great time no matter what it is. Paris is really cool, much cleaner than I thought... and the people are actualy quite nice, suprisingly actualy... maybe its cause Sergio and I are always speaking spanish and at least atempt french. Anyway all is good... as far as the pictures, have not been able to upload any yet, but maybe ill find a better cybercaffe tomorow... as long as the FTP site is back up. Ciao!
- Carlos R.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Last couple days in Denmark

Well I just have a couple more days in Copenhagen, its an ok city but I think my visit has run its course. Ofcourse in a sense I am killing time here till Paris and am kinda paralized since its so expensive, but oh well all and all its not been bad at all. I really dont have much to tell although the weather today was quite good which is great since it had been raining all day. There have been some really anoying people at the hostel and some worth talking to for a bit... but as for the Danes, as nice as they are the result very hard to aproach... its a real challenge to get to know people from around here... but I gess this is generaly true of all of Scandinavia anyway. In anycase its Paris on Sunday, I SO hope the trip goes easy and that I dont run in to to much troulbe and find the hostel with ease.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So I guess I am gonna be in Copenhagen for a while

I hate to point out the obvious, ofcourse Scandinavia is expensive ans sure I am an idiot for spending so much time here, but thats that... ill be here till Sunday, ill fly to france (I hope so anyway) and there I will meet up with Sergio. I am looking forward to travel in some less expensive countries, its awful but I kinda feel like a refuge here sharing a room with like 19 people and eating nothing but tuna, bread and nutela, cause its all I can really aford... and even just that is quite expensive. At least I am meeting some cool people and the city is very walker friendly... so that is a definite advantage. In any case I am gonna make the most of my time in Denmark, it really is a neat country. Over and out.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Hello Denmark

Well I am in Copenhagen now, had to wake up like at 3, went to sleep the previous night at about 1 and have still not had any sleep. When I first got in I was feeling quite sick... and then I was sick... not much fun in a hostel. The hostel is kinda crappy but its cheap (for Scandinavia anyway) so thats good, although the hostel itself is crowded and kinda shitty but oh well. I hope to go out tonight and have a coffe or something and then get a good night sleep so that I can really hit the town tomorow. So far the city looks really nice... so it should be a blast.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Long time no post

its been a while since I last posted, I dont really have easy internet access here in Norway, but oh well. My time here has been nice and I will remain in Norway for a little more than a week. After that I am gonna go to Denmark on the 18th. From Denmark I have to make may way to paris, there I will meet up with Sergio and eventualy with Maggie, although that may be more to the west near to the border with Spain. I am looking forward to seeing them and getting on with my joureny. The weather here has been really nice, very very nice actualy... and its been cool to take a break from all the hostels and long days, although i am sure i will have a great time once i get going again. anyway I dont really have that much to say, so post ya latter... I hope