Friday, March 31, 2006

Canada in 8!!! booya! + house stat A.O.K

Howdy folks,

Well thank freaking god its Friday. I really am not sure why but ever since I got back from that promotions trip I have just not been myself, I am tired all the time and I am really having trouble getting motivated to do just about anything. Anyway next wed I will be going to Qroo to do promotions in playa del Carmen and then in Cozumel… worse places to have to go on business there certainty is! Anyway after I am done with that I will be on my way to Canada. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to the Maritimes this time, I will probably be mostly in Ottawa although I will hopefully also be spending some time in Montreal! BOOYA. Also my mortgage thingy was approved so everything is a go with my house… its being built and it should be ready to start moving in September… or so they say, but to be completely honest I don’t buy it… if the house is done by December I will be more than happy and quite impressed. Anyway I am really looking forward to having MY own place…not an apartment, not a basement… a house. I probably wont be able to do it straight away but my intention is to put a little pool, bar and BBQ pit in the back yard… man that is gonna be sweet. Anyway I best get back to work.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Home at last!

Well after 3 weeks on the road I sure am happy to be back in Merida. All and all the trip went quite well... even thought the expo in ciudad del carmen got cancelled and stuff like that... but oh well as I said, in general things went quite well. I hope that I dont have to much work this week since the week after that I will be back on the road doing promotions and the week after that I will be in Canada for work also... so, I guess there is not much room for R and R for me in the near future. On the upside I will get to spend some time with Jeanette while I am in canada... not to mention with those morrose spics in montreal jaja... mike remember that you owe me beer for taking my shirt off in that hotel loby! Another cool thing about getting home was that I discovered that my parents finaly joined the 21st century and put a high speed wireless modem in the house... I was very impressed... but from the "keeping me the hell away and out of their lives perspective" not such a good move hhahahaha. Anywa today my aunty barb will arrive from Vancouver, so good times! Anyway I guess that is all for now, oh yea... by the way Transmetal is gonna be playing in merida april first, so if you are in the area dust out those black tshirts and start tu fuel your angst with some angry music! hoorrrrayyyy!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Horray mom is well!

My mom came out of her operation just fine yesterday, she was a bit druged up for a while but thank goodness everything went well and she will be home tomorow. I went to see her yesterday and I think I will be going after work. Anyway I dont know if I will be posting for the next little while since I will be away on work travelling the south eastern states of mexico (Qroo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas). Anyway although its gonna be pretty hectic I hope to get to visit a few cool places such as "El Parque de la Venta" in Villa Hermosa (That is were they have those cool olmec heads thingies) and a few arechaeological sites like Bonampak and stuff. Also the other day I went to a travel agent and found a pretty decent flight for jeanette to fly to norway and back on... so that is good news. We are just waiting for Jeanettes thesis supervisor on giving her the ok for working on her thesis abroad (Mexico to be exact). My friend Roque is gonna be coming to merida but it sucks cause its when I will be in Montreal... oh well, maybe this summer I will be able to find a little time to go visit in Guadalajara... that sure would be cool. I am getting quite excited about going to Canada in April, I just hope that my UNB transcript arives soon so that I can get it translated by the certified translator and that way I will have everything ready for my trip. Anyway, thats all for now, over and out.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Canada april 8th - 21st! weeeeeeeee

I am feeling a little gross today but oh well, here it goes. So yesterday I booked my flight to go to Montreal on April 8th (from Cancun) and I will be returning on the 21st so booya! So I am really excited about hat… I will be in Ottawa also visiting Jeanette and getting some documents I need at the Mexican embassy to make my University Degree from UNB valid in Mexico… it’s a pain in the ass but I has to be done. When I come back on the 21st Jeanette will be coming back with me so that is even more cause for excitement. She will be in Mérida for about a month or so… but after that she has to get back to Europe and then over to Russia for her intensive language training. I wish I could go… but oh well, you cant do everything and besides I am saving up so that I can go with her to Norway next Christmas. The only downside of this whole thing is that I had to withdraw my nomination from the Rome thing so that Jeanette and I could come back together… but oh well, I have been to Rome a few times before and it’s not like I will never go back… so all and all I think its for the best.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am back!

Hey all,

Well its been a while since I last posted. The reason I have not been posting is that Jeanette was here for a couple of weeks and I really did not find myself wandering over to the computer nearly as much as usual. We had a really nice time, we went to Campeche, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and hung around Mérida quite a bit also, we went to the orchestra, saw a few flics… all and all a very good time. This last long weekend was also carnival so that was loads of fun… mmm beer and scantly clad women dancing on motorized vehicles… so hot. Anyway I applied for this position as an administrative assistant for the UNB Rome intersession in 2006… but I am a bit at a loss of what to do since I have to book my tickets to Canada really soon. If I don’t go Jeanette will be coming back from Canada with me… so either way, I am sure that things will work out for the best. I am now back at work in Merida… but oh well, it was a great couple of weeks and besides I have this burn which is bound to turn in to a tan sooner or latter so what ever. I am really looking forward to going to Canada in April, I hope to have some money that I can spend on a new camera… I really need something better, but oh well at least I had a chance to play around with Jeanette’s nice camera when she was here heheheh. Anyway I guess that is all for now.