Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bye bye Poland =(

Well after 5 great days in poland its time to go back to Berlin. Actualy I am quite excited about getting back to Berlin... besides its saturday today so I am sure there will be some hard core debotcherry in store for me when I get back. I really dont have anything bad to say about Krakow... the beer is great and inexpensive, the girls are hot and nice... what else is there? I did check out some of the sites like the concentration camps and stuff... and yea well that was very crazy... I am glad I went, but as you may gather its not exactly a bucket of laughs. I still have a little polish money left so I will have find some little trinkets to spend it on... I seriously doubt I could get an exchange even remotely worth it here or in germany. Its so strange to thing that this time next month I will be in canada getting ready to go back to mexico... wow. Anyway thats all for this episode...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fun times in Krakow!

So I found a last minute flight deal to Krakow and jumped at the opportunity... good call! man this city is insane, the beer is crazy cheap, the girls are really hot, there are lots of good places to eat and see... yea, it totaly kicks ass. The hostel I am at is one of the best I have ever seen, its 12 euros a night and they have free laundry, internet, real breakfast, great location and the staff is reallz cool to... yay!. Lastnight I went out with this british dude (David) and we ended up meeting some locals and drinking till 4 at a bunch of clubs and bars... and then after that we went to their place and continued to partty till like 10am... needless to say, I am destroyed. I have been trying to get some sleep but its just not happening... maybe if I walk around for a while I will be able to get some shut eye latter... I better cause we are doing the same thing today! hahah. Anyway Thats whats going now a days, ill post some pics as soon as I am back in Berlin on the 22nd.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Berlin at last...

Well five days late, but I finally made it to Berlin. After a few days in Luxemburg and many many many euros latter... I manged to make it to Germany. The past week has been really stressfull... there is so much going on in my personal life which is draging me down, and I am simply broke and exausted! I know that I have made some mistakes in the last few months (understantement) but what done is done... and I cant change any of it. *sigh* Oh well its really nice to be back in Berlin... it really is a great city. Daniel and his GF made me a nice mexican supper last night... was very nice of them, I was absolutely famished by the time I arrived. Anyway all and all things could be much worse... after all I am in Berlin for 3 weeks! Yay!!! I am however really looking forward to getting to Canada and Mexico... and starting to get my real life back in order... or some semblence of order.
Yea what ever. Ciao.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Brugge is way cool... I will never make fun of Belgium again

Yesterday early in the morning I decided on impulse to go to Belgium... so I got on the train and made my way to Brugge. Wow what a nice city... seriously it has to be one of the nicest spots I have found in europe... what a romantic place. Anyway I spent all day yesterday there and this morning I got on a train to Brussels. Honestly Brussels seems to be basicaly like any other large European city... and I am quite sick of those... so I have decided to start making my way to Berlin via Luxemburg. I will go to Luxemburg in a few hours or so and then from there take a train over to germany... possilby stop in Frankfurt and then go to Berlin... that is the plan anyway. I should be in Berlin quite soon... as you know this leg of the trip has not quite gone according to my plan... but thats travel! Anyway Belgium is quite cool... lots of amazing chocolate, wafles... basicaly what you expect!... but it is quite expensive... specialy Brugge... but its worth it, I think it would be a really nice place to go on a honeymoon. Anyway I guess I should get myself organized so that I can get on the next train to Luxemburg... I have no idea about what there is in Luxemburg... or what the hell language they speak or anything... so ignorant about this country... I just know that it is on the way hahaha. Who knows, it may be really cool... right?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ok... this sucked more than anything has ever sucked before.

Yesterday started out ok. Had a nice Turkish breakfast... not much carring that it was ramadan... maybe that was my first mistake. So anyway I was on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Berlin when I found out I would have to take a Taxi since the shuttle did not operate to that airport. Anyway this sucked cause the cab was going to be expensive but oh well... then the taxi driver crashed in to another car. The car was a wreck, everyone was ok but it was a enormous mess... the cab driver tried to say it was my fault and that I pulled some kinda of lever or something... pure BS. Anyway after several hours and the police station and after loosing all hope of getting on my flight... I decided to get to the airport and get on the first flight to Western Europe. There was a flight to Amsterdam... so I just said MEH! gave them my credit card and got on... I just SOOO wanted to get out of there. So anyway I arrived in Amsterdam... and spend the night in a hostel. Today I have decided to make good of an awful situation and go to Bruge and Genova on my way gack to Berlin. So anyway that is what happened... I am still quite shuk up... post latter.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wow... just one more month

In one month I wıll be ın Montreal. Wow. I have been over seas for so long now... the ıdea of beıng ın one country for over one month at a tıme seems quıte bızzare... although I have to admıt that I am quıte lookıng forward to ıt. The last several months have been amazıng... I have fufılled the clıche and 'found myself ın Europe' YUCK!... or somethıng lıke that anyway. Regardless I wıll be ın Eastern Canada from the 5th of November tıll the 28th... at that tıme I wıll be goıng back to Mexıco... for good? I honestly do not know. There seem to be some really ınterestıng oportunıtıes for me there at the moment... and I just feel ıt ıs the rıght thıng to do. It has not been an easy call to make... the past few months have been hard ın many ways and rewardıng ın others... but I cant help but feel that my lıfe ıs about to undergo some very fundamental changes. Anyway not everythıng ıs exıstentıal angst... tomorow I leave turkey and return to Berlın. Berlın really ıs a great cıty and I have lots of fun there... besıdes ıt wıll be cool to hang out wıth Danıel. I am hopıng to bıke to Poland from Berlın ıf the weather permıts... and maybe even make a short trıp to Amsterdam agaın... ıf I fınd some really cheep flıghts. Aslo a few poeople may be comıng to vısıt me ın Berlın... so that wıll be cool. I do not want to sound lıke I am complaınıng... because I am not... I realıze that I am an ınsanely lucky person... ıts just that wıth all thıs uncertaınty I would really lıke to have somethıng that I felt was solıd and permanent... my love lıfe... profesıonal lıfe... personal lıfe... all up ın the aır. I guess that gıves me quıte a bıt of freedom... but on the other hand some stabılıty would be nıce to. Anyway I thınk that the next few months wıll be really ımportant... I hope to get that job at the UADY... buy a house ın merıda wıth my INFONAVIT credıt and maybe look ın to doıng some gradwork. Anyway... that ıs basıcaly ıt... any sugestıons??? EKKK! PS. forgıve the weırd spellıng ın the last couple posts... turkısh keyboards are really confusıng.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am so goıng to Muslım hell

Anyway after I got out of Marmarıs thıngs started to get much much nıcer. I took a 3 hour bus to Selçuk and stayed at a really nıce hotel for lıke 15 tl (lıke 12 cnd) so I have very very very happy about that. If starıng at catholıc school gırls wıll generaly get you ın troulbe... starıng at muslım ones can not be a good ıdea eıther, rıght???... but man, ıf you are not suposed to ogle them... why gıve them those cute lıttle plad skırts and tıes! SOOO WRONG! Anway turkısh school gırls asıde Selçuk was a good tıme, the cıty ıtself ıs not that great although not terrıble eıther... but the Archaeology ın the area ıs just amazıng... over all even more ımpresıve than what I saw ın Greece, and that ıs sayıng somethıng! The second day ın Selçuk I made my was to Ephesus whıch was ofcourse just amazıng. The Theater and lıbrary are ofcourse the most famous features of the sıte... but the whole thıng ıs amazıng. I also got to vısıt Pırene, Mıletos and Dydıma. All 3 sıte are amazıng but also very dıfferent from each other... I loved Pırenes locatıon, whıle the theater at Mıletos was second to none... and what can I even say about the temple of apolo ın Dydıma??? Freakıng amazıng. Anyway I eventualy conjured up the wıll power to leave my super nıce room ın Selçuk to make my way over to Istambul. 10 hours the bus was, but really ıt was not that bad... I dıd the over nıght thıng so that I would not waste any tıme and I actualy managed to sleep for most of the journey. Anyway the day I got to Istambul was very raıny... I kında explored the cıty on foot a bıt, walked some more, caught a movıe and then basıcaly just hıt the sack ın exaustıon. In Istambul I also found a really good place to stay, not as ınexpensıve as ın Selçuk, but stıll... not at all bad, I thınk ıts lıke 20 cnd a nıght... and I have my own room, bathroom and breakfast. Anyway Today I explored the cıty some more, dıd some shopıng for frıends and a lıttle for myself as well... vısıted the blue moske and all that stuff tourısts do. Anyway that mostly gets us up to date... I am glad to stıll have a few more days here, but ın all honesty I am really lookıng forward to beıng ın Berlın for a month... ahhh Germany... a place ın whıch thıngs actualy happen the way you expect them to... the land of ontıme traıns and buses.... *sıgh*. Anyway thats all for now.