Monday, February 06, 2006

Just so you know I have moved my website from backsun ( to ( This new server is quite a good deal, so I am quite happy with the swithc... so far it is working beautifuly... I had so many problems with blacksun in this past year that I could just not stand it anymore. Anyway the site up is really quite a work in progress, but I hope to have a chance to redisign it and get all my content together and in web format... but unfortunately I dont have as much free time as I would like to do all this (does anyone?) thus... it may be a while... oh well. On Saturday the philosophy group thingy met for the second time, we seem to have a couple new memebers... so thats going well.... I really hope we keep at it. On the 19th I am gonna run in a 10K race... so I am trying to run almost every day till then so that I dont come in last place... behind all the old people... man some of hose old folks really can run, its really quite amazing. Anyway that is all thats going on... pretty lame eh? oh well... I will keep you posted on the downward spiral of exciting *cough* events which is my life in the next entry... till then, Stay classy... the internet (yea that was a shitty anchorman reference, shut up).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ah, alas we meet again… my old nemesis… Mexican bureaucracy

So I decided it was about time to get my passport again, since my old one was stolen. Yea, sure that should be easy enough… I will go to foreign affairs nice and early, even a half hour before they open, and wham! I will have my passport in no time. Ohhh what a fool I am. Bureaucrats all over the world are hateful and pitiful people… the thrive on hammering away your soul pile of paperwork by pile of paperwork. They have no regard for the value of your time and will not hesitate to give you the wrong form just to see you squirm and bash your head in to their little both like one of those stupid fish who keep banging themselves up against their little fish tank. Anyway… as you can probably guess I do not have my passport yet, nor do I expect it anytime soon. I basically spent all morning there just to be told that the forms I have are useless and that the hours of lines I made were in vain. Aditionaly it now turns out that I have to deposit the money for the passport in to a special bank account at a special bank… which by the way will not let deposit since I am not a client… ME: HERE HAVE MY MONEY, BANK: ASSHOLE: NO! how does that work? Maybe I blinked and somehow what used to be the way economics used to work just poped out of existence… or maybe the people at the bank (as well as at foreign affairs) are just arrogant assholes. Anyway I do not know how this is gonna get sorted out, but it has to… since I travel to Canada in April, although I could just travel with my Canadian passport… but no! NOW ITS PERSONAL!