Saturday, June 25, 2005

last full day in Berlin

Well this is our last day in berlin, tomorow we are going to norway, but our flight is not till quite late, so we will still have most of the day to hang around. Berlin was nothing like I expected, its so artsy fartsz and full of what seam to be really cool people, not that I expected the people to suck, but I dont know... I had another mental image.... guess it just goes to show. We have done quite a bit here and its been good because its helped me get over the whole Barcelona fiasco. I have been spending way to much money so it will be nice to crash in norway for a while and take it easy. Daniel has been very cool with us, he put us up in his place and has been a great host, I hope I have the chance to return the favor sometime. all for now

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Berlin rocks!

Well Jeanette and I are in Berlin, we are having a real nice time. This city is amazing and I am surprised by how inexpensive it is. Our flight here was 50 euros after taxes and all that jazz and food and stuff is really not expensive either. We are staying with a Peruvian friend from Fredericton and he has been really coo. Today we went to the national art gallery... wow it was so amazing. The city is super clean, organized but at the same time feels like lots of fun, and best of all you can get beer for as little as 30 euros!!! is that crazy or what??? BOOYA!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Screw you Barcelona

Well we got robed at the metro and the cameras and music are gone for ever. We just got snached and it happened so fast, the guy just disapeared in to nothing.... wow this sucks, that was like 2000 bucks worth of stuff... *sigh*. Anyway we are staying in this hostel and its ok, but so noisy... we hardly got any sleep last night so with all that has happened you can imagine that Jeanette and I are not in the best of moods. We had such a nice time in Florence and Pisa, this is just really so unfortunate, but I guess its all just stuff that can be replaced, not soon mind you but eventualy... and besides nobody was hurt. We have two more nights booked at this hostel and then we are out of here, I am sure Barcelona is great but we are just to angry and it brings bad memories... we will do our best to enjoy the time we have but we are not going to stay longer than we have to. I hope I have better news in my next post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Florence... and rain rain rain

We are now in florence, sadly its been raining like a moffo for 2 days now. What a pain in the ass. Roma was lots of fun ofcourse, we went to go see the pope and got some pictures, thank goodness for high optical zoom. There is a pizza place near the campgrounds which is amazing so I think I gotta get me some of that latter on today. This rain is a real pain in the arse, aditionaly the fact that we are staying at a camp ground in a tent does not really help, everything is very muddy and not that plesant at all... we have not even really been able to go in to town or hit any museums!!! I sooo hope it gets better soon. On the 18 its barcelona for us, we leave from the Pisa airport which seems to be only like 1hr 5Euro train away, so I hope evything goes well. In any case I will be Spain bound soon! Take Care.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So it begins...

Well I have been in Roma for a couple days now, so far things are great... I have met a few cool people and walked around the city lots. It has not really changed all that much, but its quite diferent to be here on your own as oposed to with a group. I went by the Domus today but nobody was there yet =( oh well, ill try latter on in the day. I met this guy from the Uk and these american girls, so we have been hanging out at the campsite and drinking stupid amounts of wine... I love my 2 Euro 3 litre bottles of vino/pain thiner... I dont really have any plans for today, I just want to get ahold of the UNB group... the thing is that I have no idea when they get in, and the people at the front desk dont seem to like me... so oh well. I am at barberini now so I may just go get a panini or something or just go get some groceries, eats are so expensive here. Anyway take care, ill post again soon.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Well I am in Rome, that was one hell of a trip... I am so tirred but I am running on 100% pure adrenaline and excitement. The Jett is really hitting me hard and I think its going to take me a while to shake it, but oh well I will survive. I stayed with mike and the guys lastnight... or was that 2 days ago? or was that today??? what ever... anyway Mike and I went to go see the Seindfeld stand up, it was pretty good I must say. Anyway back to Roma, I had forgoten how crazy this city was, I got in at rush hour and there I was with all my bags on the metro, worried as hell I was gonna get robed/molested by a gang of gipsies... fortunately not gipsy molestation yet, YET! Well I am still in schock so I am not sure what more to say, expect more exciting updates soon,

Ciao, Carlos

Friday, June 03, 2005

Rome Tomorow...

Wow, Yesterday really really sucked... my flights where delayed and cancelled... I had to go through extra lines cause I had all the wrong papers and stuff... but I made it! Today I ran around montreal getting my insurance, going to the bank etc etc... was kinda lame, but after that I went to have a few beers with mitch. Just a couple of minutes ago Mike got us tickets to go see Seindfeld on standup, so that should be a blast! We are gonna be back quite early, which is good cause I need my sleep, tomorow is going to be one freaking long day. Anyway here is hoping all goes well. Next post will be from Roma!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So a couple days ago, Mike and I left Merida and headed over to cancun. Like the minute we got there we started drinking and I figure I downed about a two-four... anyway as you can imagine (or know if you have ever seen me that drunk) I was wasted. That night we went to the cocobongo, it was ok... but a bit of a weiner-fest, unlike last month, gezzz that was unreal. Last night we went to fat tuesdays... and that was much better, lets just say it was like something out of the old testament, not one of the boring parts about burning bushes, rather like one of those scenes from Gamora... I kept expecting sulfuric rain and a plague of loucust, but fortunately all I got was a hang over and 3 hrs sleep. I am in playa at the moment but I dont feel like driking to much tonight, I think I will go to the mambo caffee for a little and maybe have a couple brews... at the very most! Tomorow I am off to montreal... and then after that it is only one full day till i am on my way to italy... its going to be so cool, I cant wait to be back in the eternal city and have some kick ass gelato. Thats all for now...
A dopo!