Monday, January 29, 2007

Steady she goes...

Since I have been back in Merida things have been pretty easy going. There has not been any means been any lack of work to be done… but still, nothing I can’t handle. I do have to say however that I have been finding myself quite bored in the evenings… you can only read so much before your eyes just start to glaze over. I was thinking about biting the bullet and getting cable hooked up in my apartment… but the reality is that the cable packages really suck, and who really wants to watch that crap anyway? I have decided I will buy a Nintendo wii instead… so hopefully I will have that soon.

This weekend I took some pics at the “Quiero club” (a band from Monterrery)concert that Ricardo organized. Ricardo’s band (el viaje) opened for Quiero club… and actually played a pretty good set. Anyway here are few pictures from that, plus… this cool little lizard that has been hanging around my room.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Berlin (January 2k7 pics)

After leaving Norway I made my way to Berlin were I stayed with my friends Daniel and Chris. I was suposed to be spending a few more days there after returning from Latvia... but since my flight from Riga was cancelled this was not posible. Anyway I was not able to spend nearly as much time taking photos as I would have liked (what I would like is 6 straight months) but I did get a couple pics I would like to share.

Photos from Latvia 2K7

A few months before heading over to Europe, my friend Chris (who lives in Berlin) and I decided to make a little trip out to Riga for a few nights. The trip ended up being a 5 night deal instead of 3 because EasyJet cancelled our flight back, but in the end everything worked out just great. I found Riga to be quite interesting, there are many beautiful buildings, nice caffes and all sorts of places to visit. Sice the trip was in January there were only a few tourists hanging arround... which is a really good thing because it was our impression that most of the tourists that go to Latvia do so with the explicit purpose of getting obnoxiously drunk and harassing the locals... fortunately Chris and I were lucky enough to find some pretty cool local hangouts senza the drunk tourists. Anyway all and all the trip was a really good experience and really got me interested in visiting the rest of the Baltic. Anyway here are the photos.
Ill try to get the Berlin photos up tomorow

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back in Merida!!! yet again!

So, yesterday I got back from Europe. It was a very long trip but fortunately without incident. As I did not have much in the way of internet access while I was travelling I did not really post anything the whole time... so now I am way behind. Anyway I have picked out some pics I would like to share with you guys... but since there are so many of them I think I will split them out in 3 different entries (one for Norway/Sweeden, another for Berlin, and yet another for Latvia). Anyway ill start off with my Norway pictures.

Xmas time in Norway was really great, it was very cool to have the chance to hang out with Jeanette and her family, not to mention to eat all their yummy norwegian x-mas food... there sure was lots of it. It was alos very interesting because it was only the second year I had ever been away from Merida for xmas... and the first in my adult life, so it was neat to see how other people celebrate the holidays. I was very lucky to get to see the St. Lucia festival (I included two pics of that) as well as make a couple little trips over to Sweeden and visit cities like Frederikstad and Oslo. I think I got quite a few nice shots but I have ofcourse included only a few. Anyway, ill be posting my Berlin and Riga pics soon (probably tomorow and the day after).
Enjoy the pics.

Monday, January 08, 2007

And we are back online...

As you may have noticed this blog had been down for a few weeks. There seemed to be some glitches but things seem to be working ok again. I am currently in Lativa and will be back in Berlin on Thursday and in Mexico by Monday... or at least thats the way it should be. I will be doing lots of updating when I get back since I have not really had that many oportunities to get online since I have been in Europe. Anyway Ill try to do some serious posting really soon.
-Carlos R.