Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back in Merida!!! yet again!

So, yesterday I got back from Europe. It was a very long trip but fortunately without incident. As I did not have much in the way of internet access while I was travelling I did not really post anything the whole time... so now I am way behind. Anyway I have picked out some pics I would like to share with you guys... but since there are so many of them I think I will split them out in 3 different entries (one for Norway/Sweeden, another for Berlin, and yet another for Latvia). Anyway ill start off with my Norway pictures.

Xmas time in Norway was really great, it was very cool to have the chance to hang out with Jeanette and her family, not to mention to eat all their yummy norwegian x-mas food... there sure was lots of it. It was alos very interesting because it was only the second year I had ever been away from Merida for xmas... and the first in my adult life, so it was neat to see how other people celebrate the holidays. I was very lucky to get to see the St. Lucia festival (I included two pics of that) as well as make a couple little trips over to Sweeden and visit cities like Frederikstad and Oslo. I think I got quite a few nice shots but I have ofcourse included only a few. Anyway, ill be posting my Berlin and Riga pics soon (probably tomorow and the day after).
Enjoy the pics.

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