Thursday, May 29, 2008

Valladolid (and vaccinaties) Bussines Trip!

So anyway Aris and I arrived in Valladolid yesterday and spent the entire day working arround town and some smaller villages. As always we found plenty good opportunities to shoot some pics... and well, here are the results. We are hoping to hit Tizimin on our way back to Merida tomorow... but we will just have to see if we have time. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Photographic adventures in +40 weather! (Celestun)

Today my co-worker Aris and I took a little business trip to Celestun to check out some hotels and stuff for coming groups. Anyway, this being May… it was insanely hot, about 42 degrees, (that’s centigrade, for you Fahrenheit pushing bastards!) so needles to say we were doing our best to keep as cool as we could. Anyway, I of course took the opportunity to take some photographs of the town and a couple little quite run down villages on the way there. For those of you who have never hear of Celestun… its really quite cool, it’s a big nature reserve in the north east of Yucatan state… there are tons of rare species of birds, mangroves, flamingos and all sorts of neat stuff. On this occasion however I did not really get to venture out of town, but I have photographed the mangroves before, so if you are interested you can check out that post on this permalink.

Celestun also has quite nice beaches... and you can get quite decent sea food to!

Another beach shot taken from a hotel is was inspecting

Shot of street in Celestun (paralel to the beach)

Aris thinks he is SO cleaver!

This poor woman looks so hot... eshhh I hate May

Some dogs haunt abandoned hacienda in tiny village

Kinda cool old dorway

My name on the wall!

I am not sure why I took this photo... or even less why I posted it or kinda like it... but i did, and I do.

Shot of a cementary in the small town of Sacnicte (I think thats what it was called anyway).

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spectacular Teotihuacan

Well as some of you may know, I was in Mexico city with my university roomate (Rafael) last week for the Dream Theater concert. Fortunately I had the chance to visit some of the sites such as Teotihuacan and the National Museum of Anthropology (next post). Teotihuacan is huge... I mean its just crazy... at the time the Europeans arrived in the Americas, Teotihuacan was twice the size of London and Significantly biger than Rome. As with all Meso-american sites, all that remains is just a small percentage of what was, but what remains of Teotihucan (even in ruins) is simply incredible. I hope you enjoy the pics.

View of Temple of the Moon as seen from the Temple of the Sun

Feathered Serpent head representing Quetzalcoatl and the planet Venus

Pyramid of the sun, viewed from an adjacent courtyard

Panoramic view of plaza and "calzada de los muertos" in front of the pyramid of the Moon

Mural depicting a Jaguar

Small temple which clearly depicts Teotihuacan architecture

Colum in temple to Quetzalpapalotl

Serpent head guarding temple

Interior coutryard at Quetzalpapalotl´s palace

Sexy hair!