Wednesday, March 18, 2009

North-east yucatan state

Today Aris and I had some work to do out of town, we ventured north east towards Rio Lagartos, Kikil and some of the villages arround Tizimin. As always we had our cameras ready and managed to capture some shots. Hope you enjoy them.

I really liked this ruined church in Kikil, it reminds me of those beautiful churches that lay in ruins after WWII

Yea... very prickly... learned that the hard way (obvious I know)

Façade of said church

Church near Tizimin

Abandoned train station

Fishermen in Rio Lagartos

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Friday, March 06, 2009

It is not too late to register!

From March 9th to the 13th I will be teaching a week long digital photography workshop for beginner and intermediate shutterbugs. The course will cover the basics composition, lighting, portraits, cropping etc. If you are interested in participating send me an email at