Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the road again... (in Campeche)

Well its sure seems like I am never home nowadays, this time I am in Campeche. I am here with my job for an educational fair, the hotel is fairly nice and the food is good so all is a-ok. Last night I was walking around with Aris and we saw a festival of some sort going on in front of this old colonial church. It was mostly dancing, and although this is not something I am particularly interested in, the women were beautiful and the colors of their costumes really bright and cool… I think they made for some pretty nifty pictures. Anyway here are some shots, hopefully ill get a few more pics before the trip is done.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I am sure this phenomena has a name... but I have no idea what it is. I have only seen this a few times... but its quite cool

Some cool street art in Berlin, Germany

Eiffel tower in france

This is actualy the ceiling of a movie theatre in Heraklion Greece, I just thought it look really cool (no post processing)

Within the guts of Miletos great amphetheater (Turkey)

I took this shot in an alley somewhere in Rome, I just really liked the colors and textures

St. Miguel fort in Campeche (Mexico)

Afro-cuban district in Havanna

Old Hacienda somewhere in Yucatan (cant remember were exactly)

Cartas! love those colors

Now that is a lot of pot!

Mask of the rian god Yum-Chacc in Uxmal (Mexico)

Cool scuplture at Vigeland Park in Oslo Norway (I have always thought the old guy looks a bit like Socrates)

Architecture & Landscapes

Sunset of Fredericton NB, Canada (Taken from the north shore)

Sunrise over Prague´s Charles bridge

Perfect Greek sceene in Santorini

Old colonial Church near Tekax, Yucatan, Mexico.

Main Square in San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico)

Roman hallways of ancient city market (Rome, Italy)

Wonderful art nouveau façade in Riga (Latvia)

Riga´s main square in the Old City (Lativa)

Black & White

I took this shot this winter in Norway, notice the little ripple... small rock did the trick!

Shot from the same day in Norway, love the contrasts

The day I took this pic at first I did not have my camera, so I ran like 15 mintues to my house and back to get it to make the shot

Cathedral in Fredericton NB, Canada

Sports hall of fame in Fredericton NB, Canada

Nice Shot of Fredericton´s city hall

Photography - Plants & Animals

I quite like this shot, I was also suprised that I was able to get this result with a zoom lens.

Gotta love of those colors... you sure dont get that in a can

Snaped this photo at the "Puerta de Tierra" in Campeche

I feel so bad for this poor tucan, he is so beautiful and sad... if I had not been there with my work I would have probably made quite a scene... actualy I regret not buying him, but who knows if he could

This little guy was just beggint to have his picture taken, he was great and kept changing poses and then staying still for several seconds

I took this photo of a "bird of paradise" in my parents back yard

As with the "bird of paradise" I took this shot in my parents yard

I really like the way the light hits the dog, and San Cristobal ofcourse makes for a great background

Nice colors eh? I did not even have to make any color adjustments... that does not happen to often with these kinds of shots, well at least not to me

Shot of a Heneken or Sisal

I shot this dragonfly at Hacienda Yunku, I really got tons of great shots that day... if i do say so myself

Cute little bird at Edzna archaeological site in Campeche

* More on the way

Photography - People & Portraits

Two nice women pose for my photo in Valladolid

Took this shot at a el viaje concert, the guy is Ricardo, my sisters boyfriend

Portrait of my father and sister

A shot I took for my former roomates wedding

I took this photo way back in 2003 during my first trip to Italy, so it has quite a bit of sentimental value.

I took this photo in Moss Norway over my 2006 Xmas holidays. It was in this really dark church, so it was quite dificult to get good shots, but still I think this one came out quite nice

I really like this photo, I took it las November when I went with a group of people I know to do some volunteer work

I took this photo last time I was in Chiapas, this old mayan woman really caught my eye

I took this shot of Rosana a few weeks at hacienda Yunku, it was a fun day

I realize this is not really a portrait, but in composition I guess it could be considered so, what do you think?

Took this photo in downtown Havana when I was last down there in 2003