Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Austria Bound... and kind of messed up

These last few days have been very hard... personal life stuff should not mess up travel experience, but I guess its inevitable to a certain point. Anyway Maggie and I are on our way to Austria, there we are staying with some friends for 4 or 5 nights, it should be great... I hear Vienna is a great city... the only thing is that its going to feel very expensive after Czech rep... but oh well, just about anything would. I think Maggie is going to go with me after to Slovakia and Hungary... maybe Poland, but she is not sure. It would be cool if she came along but I am sure I will survie eitherway. Czech republic has been my 12th country in 12 months and its great... but I must say I am starting to get a bit exausted with all this moving around... but oh well, ill continue doing it till I run out of cash or am just to tirred to enjoy myself... it will probably be more of the first than the second. Post in Austria.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Czec Republic is kick ass

Well he wave been in the Czec republic for about a week now and we have had an amaying time. Prague is one of the most amazing cities I have ever seen, the architecture is paralled only perhaps by Rome, the food is great and cheep and the beer... well the beer is a whole other story... it is dirt cheap and simply amazing, man do these people ever know how to make a good brew. A couple days ago we took a road trip to visit the bone church in Kutna Hura and these really amazing caves further east... I cant remember the name but ill post that after. We stayed the night in this really cute little village in the mountains... it was just fantastic. We went out to supper with a couple ozzies who where also on the trip... we had dinner, a few bears and drinks each, dessert and a take away wine for under 15 eruo... thats for four people... now thats value! Anyway we just got back to prague and have a few more days to enjoy the city, Maggie will join us tomorow and then Maggie and I will make our way to Viena! weee Should be great! I am posting some pics really soon.
signing out,

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Amsterdam... wow

Well I am not really sure where to start or what to say about Amsterdam and my time here. The city is really amazing and has lots to offer aside from drugs and hookers... although the past week the city has been really dirty because of a strike. It has been kinda weird to stay at, get this... a christian youth hostel, but over all it has been quite good... for the price the rooms and the food are really good, specialy the food. Ofcourse every once in a while you are bombarded by hyms and the staff rambling about how "Crazy aweseome it is to beleive in Christ BOYAAA!" but other that that no problems. I have to admit that I have spent lots of time in the "Coffe Houses" and that I have, well lets just say over indulged somewhat. Anyway I am really anxious to post some more pics online of Amsterdam as well as Cordoba and a few new places, so I hope that will happen soon. Anway I fly out to prague in like 3 hours so I guess I should get my act together... and try to act sober at the airport. Signing out.
- Carlos

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yay Holland!

Well we finaly arived to Amsterdam, we had some trouble with the hostel which had over booked us but it seems that things are under control now. Ohhh yea, the hostel turns out to be a christian hostel... which kinda stinks cause you can bring in booze or blunts! Imagine that, no blunts, in Amsterdam!!! Anyway other than that the hostel is ok, the staff is really nice... over all its an ok place to stay. Maggie Sergio and I took a nice walk this morning and made our way to a "Cafe"... yea that was a good time. I think I am just gonna chill for a while and maybe have a nap so that we can really hit the town tonight. The city is quite cool and reminds me a fair bit of Copenhagen... except is a bit more dirty. Holland is really cool but I am really looking forward to start visiting those less expensive countries!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Madrid = Vice city

Madrid is super sketchy, its full of prostitutes, there are shootings and its just plain scary. The thing is that this is the way it is in the tourist area... hell I would hate to see the slums! Anyway today we are going to "El Museo del Prado" which should be cool... and tonight we go to Amsterdam! at least they will be under control. In any case I am glad we spent an extra night in Cordoba... to be honest large cities in Spain leave quite a bit to be desired, but who cares the rest of the country is really awesome, especially the Andalucia region, that was really sweet. Anyway I dont have that much to report so I guess Ill be posting next in Amsterdam. P.S. This one guy thought Maggie was a hooker, he says "Are you working?" Sergio and I thought it was quite funny but poor Maggs was mortified hahahhaha poor thing.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Cordoba was great!

We arived in Cordoba and to our delight the hotel at which we stayed (and payed 18euro a night) e/a was super nice. We call it the Hitlon and for us thats what it looked like. The city itself was really really nice, it had tons of really good shoping, lots of really nice plazas and the bigest Mosque in all of Europe... It was really really amazing, ill be posting some pictures on-line soon (I hope). The plan was to stay for 2 nights but we liked it so much that we decided to stay 3, even though that ment that we would only have two nights in Madrid. We are now in Madrid, it looks cool... but ofcourse like any really big city it has its drawbacks, I am discovering I like travel in small towns the best. Anyay that is all for now, my mind is a hazeee... ill post again soon and probably post those pics.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Granada at last!

Well we are in Granada but the trip was just awful, we had to take a 4 hr train to this place in central spain near Madrid (Alcazar de San Juan) and then wait 6 ours (from 9pm to 3 am) for our train to Granada which took another 5 hours, so as you can probably gather we are exausted, although I was able to sleep most of the time on the train. However I must say that its totaly worth it because its amazing here, the Arab influence really stands out and the city itself feels like nothing I have ever really seen. Tonight we are gonna go see a Flamenco dancing shot and tomorow we will be checking out all the sites... we are doing that today to but we are quite shot! We are hoping to get over to Moroco for a while but I am not sure if its going to work out... anyway here is hoping!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Well Maggie, Sergio and I arrived in Valencia yesterday. The trip was 5 hrs long but to tell the truth it was quite easy, just one train and it was not full... so it was great. Anyway the city is quite large but really does not feel like it, Downtown is really amazing, ill have to post some pictures on the website soon. Anyway we are here till tomorow evening... from here we are going to Granada, but since there are no direct trains we are gonna have to take a train from 6pm to 12am and then another from 12am to 8am... so in other words tuesday is gonna suck! Oh well Granada is one of the places I really wanted to go, so I guess we will survive. As you porbably know Valencia is famous for its food so we must make sure to eat plenty Paella Valenciana and drink lots of Horchata. Anway thats all for now.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Last day in Barcelona

Well tomorow we (Maggie, Sergio and I) are heading to Valencia, we have our hostel booked and everyithing so there should be no problem. Yesterday we went to Angel´s parents beach house for supper... wow now that was good food, not to mention plentiful! Today we basicaly just walked around for a while has some lunch and decided to take it easy beacause its so dammed hot outside... its just crazy and a few minutes of walking around really screws you up. Tonight I think we are gonna go to some night club some friend of Angel owns, runs or something like that. It should be fun, I just hope that I dont have to spend very much money but to tell the truth Barcelona has been very inexpensive staying here with Angel, its been good but its also time to move on. I am really thinking I would like to stay for a year or so in Europe, the best thing would be to find a job and settle somewhere in a month and a half or so, but I dont even know if I could get a job... so everything is really in the air, all I know is that I would like to stay and have the chance to live in europe for a while. Anywa thats all for now.

Friday, August 05, 2005

gloria hallelujah!

After a month or so of fighting with my server I got the travelling picture page online: http://www.3dguy.ca/travelpics/ I will try to keep it as updated as I can. Nothing really new to report today, except that tapas although delicious are pure evil for your digestive track!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I hate my ISP and french trains!

Well we arived in Barcelona last night, the trip was... well awful, wehad to take 5 trains not one of which was on time... and its sillybecause Barcelona is really not that far away from southern france,but then again who said the french and the spanish are capable ororganizing much less coordinatin anything. Anyway we are staying withMaggies friend Angel who seems to be very nice. The apartment in whichwe are staying is really quite cool and near the sea... I think mysecond trip to Barcelona will be much better than the first. I am alittle frustrated because my website server is not working although Ihave been on their asses for the past couple of weeks, and on top ofthat I just discovered a 150cnd charge on my credit card from them...my payments are in Febuary and in any case I never Authorizedautomatic billing or anything like that. Anyway other than all thatcaos things are going quite well, its really nice to travel and hangout with maggie and sergio, although we kinda have to get our actstogether and figure out where we are gonna be going and when, and howto make it as cheep as possible because I have spent way way way moremoney than I wanted to by this point... with the flying to paris,having to stay longe in denmark and all. Its a little hard to becausemaggie and sergio are only here for a month so they constantly want tobe on the move and are spending money, but in anycase something willwork out I am sure. I am really excited about seing more of spain,specialy galicia... from what I hear it is a really amazing region,valencia should be very cool as well. Anyway mom thats all for now.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Relaxing in Angouleme

Sergio and I arrived to Qngouleme a few days ago, xe have been hanging out here with maggie and her friends. We are staying at a little hotel downtown wich after all the hostels feels like a five star hotel, I am freaking loving it! The tow is really cute and pictoresc... the way you would expect a small town in southern france to be I guess. I am still not used to these bizzare french keyboards so posting is a bit of a drag. Tomorow we are on our way to spain, should be a long trek but I am sure it will be well worth it. post ya latter.