Thursday, September 29, 2005

wow... ıt actualy happened... I am ın Turkey

Well I fınaly was able to get myself over to Turkey... the boat from Crete to Rhodos was not that bad... yes ıt was long but I had a bed so meh! The downsıde was that the guys ın the cabın wıth me where super anoyıng and loud... but then agaın they where greeks so I guess thats to be expected. Anyway I arrıved ın Rohodos and was able to catch the 8 am boat over to Marmarıs and was there by 9am. I found a really decent hotel for 10euro a nıght (15 000 000 turkısh lyra) and I had a nıce long nap... sınce I have not been gettıng much sleep lately. Anyway tomorow I wıll be gettıng over to Kuçadası... I wıll stay there for a few days because ıts really close to lots of the most ımportant archeologıcal sıtes... so yay I am goıng to Epheseus. After a few days ın Kuçadası I am thınkıng about goıng to Izmır and them makıng my way up to Istambul... ıts goıng to be lots of busıng around but from what I can tell the bus system here ıs quıte good... so ıt should not be to much of a problem. I went for a haır cut here ın Marmarıs and ıt was one of the most weırd experıences of my lıfe... the shave wıth fıre. I dont know ıf thıs ıs a regıonal thıng or what... but yea... they wıll acutaly shave you... put a flame to your face to burn what ever haır ıs left over and then shave you agaın... when he was doıng ıt I just about had a heart attack!... well obvıously. Anyway Marmarıs ıs quıte far from what you would thınk Turkey would be lıke... but then agaın I guess thats to be expected sınce ıt ıs such a resort hang out for fat Scandınavıans, Brıts and Germans... ıt should be much more Turkey-esk once I start headıng north... should be an ınterestıng tıme.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This is going to be a long trip...

Well in five hours or so I will be getting on a boat and will be on my way to Rhodos. The boat takes 12 hours, I just hope that it will be on time as oposed to what seems to be typical Greek fashion. Anyway if everything goes as planed I should arrive in Rhodes at 6am just in time to buy a ticket on the eight o clock boat to Marmaris Turkey... man I hope this all works out. Anyway that is the plan... if it happens or not is another story but this is the plan.... I really hope nothing happens to mess this up, but if it does... oh well, thats travel in the east for you!. Anyway I did not really get much sleep lastnight cause this one guy at the hostel was snorring in a way that I can only describe as "violoently supernatural". Anyway I will be glad to be out of this hostel, its inexpensive but really quite crappy... they dont really clean much and there is never any TP... so yea, I wont miss the place one bit. Crete has been nice but I am really looking forward to getting on with my travels... I just hope things go smothely. Anyway post ya latter... hopefully from Turkey.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

At last new pics!

As always blacksun has been giving me headaches... but finaly here are the new pics of Athens, Corfu, Albania, Naxos, Santorini and Crete! Booyaaa!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Well I guess there are worse places to be stuck than Crete! So I was hoping to catch a boat over to Rhodes to then cross over to turkey... yea well that would have been a good idea if it was not for the fact that there is only one bloody boat a week to freaking Rhodes... how this is possible I do not know but its the way it is... I spent all yesterday looking for a way around this... but no go. Anyway as it stands now I will be taking the 6pm boat to Rhodes on wednsday and I will arive there at 6 am the next day... now if things go my may (they never seem to) I will be in time to catch a boat to turkey that leaves at 8... and will be in Turkey by 9ish on Thursday... it would be nice... but somehow I cant let myself to count on it. I would be arriving in Marmaris and slowly making my way up to Istambul... although not as slowly as I would like since I am stuck here in Crete! arghhh. Anyway enough of that. I have decided to make the best of my stranded status on the island... Iraklio is really quite a cool city, its very active and there is lots going on... and its not that expensive, although the hostel I am staying at is quite crap... but oh well I got myself some new earplugs today and am hoping to get some rest. Anyway thats all for now, ill probably post again tomorow or something like that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

yay Naxos!

Well I have been in Naxos for a few days now... when I first arrived I was scandalized by the prices but then I realized that I was just looking in all the tourist traps... get this 5 euros for a toothbrush... just a regular freaking plastic colgate toothbrush... ended up getting one in town for .85 cents... man. Anyway Naxos is quite the place, the beaches are really nice and the scenery is quite spectacular. The only thing is that the place is full of middle aged scandinavians and thats about it... its like the 50+ pale white club... so not to much on the chiquitita front obviously. I am quite happy cause I got a really nice room for 15 euro a night... so that is just great... all that complaining about hostels payed off! Anyway today I rented a bike and took a 6 hour ride allong the island... for the most part the roads are terrible and my ass is killing me as a result... not to mention that I am just absolutely whiped out... its going to be an early night for Carlos tonight. Anyway I got mysefl a flight from Istambul to Berlin on the 6th of october (not sure if I had already mentioned this) so I guess I am going to be going to Turkey, yay! I hope to be in Turkey by the 28th or 29th... that way I will have a chance to explore arround a little... maybe visit the ruins of troy or something like that before I make my way to Istambul. I am not sure just yet how the hell I am getting to Turkey, I know there are several islansds in greece with service to turkey such as Kos and Rhodes but I still have to figure out the details. Anyway that is basicaly what is going on now.... ill do my best to post some pictures soon but the people at blacksun have moved my site and I am having all sorts of problems with my FTP again... dammit. Anyway thats all for now... ciao.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Naxos Bound!

Ok will it looks like I have something that resembles a plan now. I am in Athens and on my way to Naxos at 5:30 this evening (I hope). I plan to stay there for a few days and then move on to Santorini, Rhodes and all those other cool islands. I found a really good flight from Istambul to Berlin on the 6th so I am going to do that... I will probably get to the Turkish mainland from Rhodes... but I know there are many other options as well... I will have to figure all this out. I hope to be in Turkey by the end of this month so that I have a chance to explore it a little... well ill have 5 to 7 days so that will give me some time to see whats going on over there. I have to say that I am getting really really tirred... in just about every way but I know that this is probably a once in a life time oportunity so I am going to do as much as I possibly can... besides after a few days of rest on Santorini I am sure I will be just fine and up to my old antics again. Anyway that is basicaly what is going on now... the ferri to Naxos takes something crazy like 16 hours so I will have a chance to get my thoughts together and chill a bit... its cool because this way I dont have to worry about hostels for tonight and when I get in tomorow I will just fin a place to chill and then that will be that. I have to say that I am starting to get really excited about going home... I can just see myself sleeping in my own bed... watching tv... having my clothes be all celan and not having to share a room with nobody! not one single dirty travelling hippy or anoying middle aged hipster! yay!... *sigh*. Also looking forward to seing my folks and all my friends ofcourse... man is it ever going to be nice to chill on the beach at Progreso with a nice cold beer and just do nothing... and know that I am home. Anyway enough of that... I am very happy and excited that I am going to the islands and then to greece... I am sure it will be a great experience. Reading what I have been writing I can tell I am just ranting and not much of this makes any sense so I guess this will be it for now. If any of you have any tips on travel in turkey or the greek islands please let me know... cause I have no idea!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Corfu! weee!!! + fun in the Balcans!

Well like 5 days ago I arrived in Corfu, the bus from Athens could not be described as anything short of hellish... it was supposed to take 8 hrs but since I was the only client on the bus the bus driver figured it would be ok to stop at every stop and talk to her bus driver friends for hours on end... I am quite sure he spoke english although he did a good job of pretending he did not! Well when I finally arived in Corfu I was quite happy to discover that the place where I was going to stay (the pink palace) was actualy quite nice... despite all the pink. I got a deal for 20 euros a night with breakfast and supper... which is really quite amazing! Anyway I have just been mostly hanging out on the beach and recovering a little from all this moving arround... tomorow I fly back to Athens where I will stay for a few days, pick up a few things and then make my way over to Santorini. From Santorini I think I will visit a bunch of other islands before I head over to Turkey. I was not sure if I wanted to go to turkey since its such a big country and really deserves its own trip... but since Istambul is much closer to these islands than Athens... I figured what the hell? I think I will stay in Greece/Turkey till about the 5th of october... after that I plan to make my way over to Berlin and maybe make a little trip over to poland... its very close, I was thinking that maybe I could even just go with a daypack and bike there! that would be so intense. Anyway this flight I found to go to Athens was quite cheap and I am sooo happy that I dont have to take that freaking awful bus again... man seriously it was bad. The other day I made a day trip to Albania which kinda turend in to a little more... but you can just ask me about that one, it was really really messed up... messed up? in the balcans you say? NOOOO!!!!! heheh well yea it was. Anyway I would quite recomend the pink palace and corfu... the only things is that some of the staff at this place ... wow just awful... they are so rude and arogant its almost funny, specialy since they are such loosers who get off on feeling like they have some sort of authority... hey guys!!! YOU WORK AT A FREAKING HOSTEL!!! ... nothing wrong with that, but gezzz dont be such a coky ass just because you control who gets free drinks and who does not, man... anyway thats all, or else this could REALLY turn in to a rant. The only other thing about here is that the internet is quite bad...1.50 for 30 mins and its quite slow... but oh well, who comes to greece to spend all day on the internet eh?. I still have not had a chance to backup my picks... which I do not like one bit, but I hope ill find some internet cafe that will do it for me in the next few days in Athens... at which point I will post some Greece/Albania pics on the travel photo site. Anyway... that was a long post but its all for now. ciao.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Today was simply amazing!

Well travelling from Hungary to Greece was quite a pain in the ass, I got in this morning at 4 am and was in to my hostel by 6, I had 3 hrs sleep and then went to see Athens! I just dont have words to describe how incredible it was... I was so tirred but once I arrived I was just so excited I cried... I just could not stop... it was really overwelming. I visited the Acropolis, the Agora and a few other smaller sites in the vacinity... It was just awesome awesome awesome!!! Tonight I am heading over to Corfu (8 hr bus) where I will be staying at the famous "Pink Palace". I hope to stay for a few days... get som R&R on the beach and then head out to explore the rest of Ionia. I really hope to go to Rhodes and Olympia also... and perhaps if I have time and money swing by Turkey... its very close to Rhodes after and there must be lots of boats back and forth. I have really liked Athens... I dont know why people say such bad things about it... maybe its been cleaned up lots since the Olympics... who knows. Anyway Ill be back to Athens to fly to Berlin... so then Ill have more time to explore at a little bit less of an insane itenerary... and with more sleep... mmm sleep. Anyway I am really hungry so I think I am going to go get something to eat... check the picture site in the next few days... I should have those pictures up before to long I hope.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I was looking for busses to krakov and they where sooo expensive, it just made no sense... so then I figured... hmmm I wonder how much it would cost to fly to athens...12Euro! BOYAAA so that was that, screw poland... I am going to Greece. I am going tomorow which is a little freaky since its september 11th... but oh well. anyway I arrive quite late (like 2am) in Athens... I am going to stay for a couple days and then make my way over to Corfu. After a few relaxing days I will start to explore the sites... any suggestions for places I simply must see??? Anyway I think I am going to explore Budapest a little more today and spend some time reaserching my trip... it should be a blast, I am just worried that its going to get crazy expensive... but oh well, Ill be living for cheap in Berlin in October anyway, so meh! Also I heard that the UADY (University of Yucatan) is going to be starting up a Philosophy program in 2006... so that is quite cool, who knows... maybe I could TA or something... no news so far on if they are going to have a grad program... that would be quite nifty eh?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Exausted in Budapest

Maggie and I arrived in Budapest a few hours ago and we are just exausted... last night we stayed out quite late in Vienna and had to get up really early to catch our bot... we had what I will only describe as a series of quite unfortunate events this morning *sigh*. Anyway we got on the boat and arrived in Budapest a bit early... found our hostel and settled in. The hostel is supper nice and cheap and get this... maggie and I are the only people here, so we have the whole thing to our selves, sweet eh?. Anyway we are really tirred... we hope to go out tonight for a little but I think we are going to make it an early night... i am not very lucid... although the Hungarian women are singing their siren song... wow they are amazing, its just incredible. Anyway I think I am not making much sense and the sleep depravation is getting to me... so thats it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last day in Vienna

Today is our last day in Vienna, tomorow we will be taking a boat down the Danube to Budapest where we are going to stay for 3 nights. After that Maggie is going to france to visit some friends and then she will head back to the continent. I am planing to go to Poland but it seems Budapest is not much of a travel hub, so ill just have to see what is available. I have also been thinking about maybe flying to Riga directly and then visiting poland from germany... since its so colse to berlin. Oh yea I am going to be living in Berlin for a few months... I cant remember if I had mentioned that or not, oh well. Anyway things have been going quite good... Our week in Austria was really cool, we had tons of fun but are looking forward to moving on... always moving, eshhh. I am however looking forward to being in Berlin for a while, its such a cool city and besides since its so cheap to travel out from I will perhaps make a few little side trips. Yesterday marked my 3rd full month of travel and next monday I will have been on the road for 100 day, crazy en? Its been a real blast and I am loving every minute of it (well almost every minute) but it will be good to settle down in Berlin for a while... do lots of reading some writing and just basically chilling out, although I would love to find a job over there or maybe take a german course... Imagine me, living in Germany, hhehe oh well it could happen! If any of you would like to crash with me for a while in berlin, I love to have guests... its always a good excuse to go out, have fun and not feel to guilty about all the debotcherry which usualy ensues. See ya.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sa sa sa in Vienna and fun in Bratislava

Well we have been in Austria for a few days now and we have really seen lots! the little towns around here are just so gorgeous its not even funny... the sausages are so amazing and the beer ofcourse is wonderful. A few nights ago Reinheart, Maggie and I went out and we danced to the Sa sa sa in Vienna which we thought was just the funniest thing... *sigh* I sure have had many good times to that song... wish I was going to have more... if you catch my drift. Anyway yesterday we spend the day in Bratislava (Slovakias capital city) and that was loads of fun... its the biggest city in the country but to tell the truth thats not saying much since it was so small... but it was very cute and we had a very very nice time... and hey, new country! I was glad to hear that Kevin in Lousiana is doing ok and that the effects of the hurricane did not reach him... those poor people are in such a mess. Anyway its quite late and I am feeling quite tirred so I think that will be all for now. Till next time.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Chilling in Vienna

Maggie and I arrived in Austria a few days ago, we are staying with Dalila and her family who have been so great to us, its wonderful! We have been having a nice time and have had lots of home made food... which ofcourse is simplz the best. We are going for a day trip over to slovakia tomorow where we will visit Bratislava... that should be cool. We are probably going to Hungary in a few days os so but our plans are still a little unstable. Anyway I kinda have to hurry allong so that is all for now.