Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last day in Vienna

Today is our last day in Vienna, tomorow we will be taking a boat down the Danube to Budapest where we are going to stay for 3 nights. After that Maggie is going to france to visit some friends and then she will head back to the continent. I am planing to go to Poland but it seems Budapest is not much of a travel hub, so ill just have to see what is available. I have also been thinking about maybe flying to Riga directly and then visiting poland from germany... since its so colse to berlin. Oh yea I am going to be living in Berlin for a few months... I cant remember if I had mentioned that or not, oh well. Anyway things have been going quite good... Our week in Austria was really cool, we had tons of fun but are looking forward to moving on... always moving, eshhh. I am however looking forward to being in Berlin for a while, its such a cool city and besides since its so cheap to travel out from I will perhaps make a few little side trips. Yesterday marked my 3rd full month of travel and next monday I will have been on the road for 100 day, crazy en? Its been a real blast and I am loving every minute of it (well almost every minute) but it will be good to settle down in Berlin for a while... do lots of reading some writing and just basically chilling out, although I would love to find a job over there or maybe take a german course... Imagine me, living in Germany, hhehe oh well it could happen! If any of you would like to crash with me for a while in berlin, I love to have guests... its always a good excuse to go out, have fun and not feel to guilty about all the debotcherry which usualy ensues. See ya.

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Anonymous said...

So you finally decided that you will be staying in Berlin for a while? Good to hear. Hmm, I wonder how I could afford to go to Germany. 3 months!?! That is insane!