Tuesday, September 20, 2005

yay Naxos!

Well I have been in Naxos for a few days now... when I first arrived I was scandalized by the prices but then I realized that I was just looking in all the tourist traps... get this 5 euros for a toothbrush... just a regular freaking plastic colgate toothbrush... ended up getting one in town for .85 cents... man. Anyway Naxos is quite the place, the beaches are really nice and the scenery is quite spectacular. The only thing is that the place is full of middle aged scandinavians and thats about it... its like the 50+ pale white club... so not to much on the chiquitita front obviously. I am quite happy cause I got a really nice room for 15 euro a night... so that is just great... all that complaining about hostels payed off! Anyway today I rented a bike and took a 6 hour ride allong the island... for the most part the roads are terrible and my ass is killing me as a result... not to mention that I am just absolutely whiped out... its going to be an early night for Carlos tonight. Anyway I got mysefl a flight from Istambul to Berlin on the 6th of october (not sure if I had already mentioned this) so I guess I am going to be going to Turkey, yay! I hope to be in Turkey by the 28th or 29th... that way I will have a chance to explore arround a little... maybe visit the ruins of troy or something like that before I make my way to Istambul. I am not sure just yet how the hell I am getting to Turkey, I know there are several islansds in greece with service to turkey such as Kos and Rhodes but I still have to figure out the details. Anyway that is basicaly what is going on now.... ill do my best to post some pictures soon but the people at blacksun have moved my site and I am having all sorts of problems with my FTP again... dammit. Anyway thats all for now... ciao.

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