Monday, September 25, 2006

A few new pics (Downtown Merida)

Hi all.
Ok so here a few new pics I slected from the photos I took last friday. All of the pictures are from the strees of downtown Merida, and not exactly the best part of it exactly. A couple of the photos are a bit harsh, but then again so is reality. Anyway as always I always apreciate feedback. (sorry about the low rez, blogger does not like big files)

- Carlos Rosado

By the way, this is my 100th post! horray!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holland/Norway for Xmas?

So this morning Jeanette and I went over to the imigration offices to have her tourist visa extended, this ofcourse is a good thing since this way she will not be deported from the country or anything nasty like that. Anyway Things are going pretty good, I am currently looking in to airplane tickets to Norway for Xmas. I am probably gonna be flying out of cancun and in to amsterdam... so if at all posible I would like to spend a couple days in Holland on my way up, horray for the mother country! Anyway this ofcourse has me very excited... you all know how hard it is for me to stay in any one given place for to long... but fortunately I never seem to have to, so that works out well I guess. Anyway things in Merida are good, although its been really really hot lately, even more so than usual I think... its getting really gross and I am very tirred of it... a couple weeks in europe will do me good and cool me off (probably to a chill since I dont really have much winter clothing anymore). But other than the heat things are going well, work is alright, although I often find myself quite borred with this... but ofcourse everyone gets borred at work. Blarghhh ok I dont have anything else interesting to say... so thats all for today

Friday, September 15, 2006

horray!!!! I may not die alone after all!!!

Well as you may have (or not) noticed, I have not really been posting that much lately. As you probably know Jeanette is now here in Mexico with me, and has been here for two weeks now. She will be staying till xmas but unfortunately after that she has to go back to Ottawa for her last semester at Carleton to wrap up her masters degree. Anyway things have been going quite well, although it is a bit of an adjustment to start living with somebody, especially a partner. I can’t be quite as slobish as I used to… but I guess that is a good thing. Anyway over all things are really good and we are very happy to be together. Jeanette is doing well, but she is of course a little home sick from time to time, but that’s understandable. I have also been busy because school is back in full swing… and ofcourse that means students to deal with so, oh well…. I guess they are a necessary evil hahahah just kidding. The house thing seems to be going well, any day now they are gonna call and be like… uhhhh your house is ready, you can now move in. So this of course has me excited but also a little impatient. Anyway I am not feeling particularly inspired today so I guess that’s all,

And oh, Feliz fiestas patrias!!!

Look it up you lazy jerk,