Tuesday, April 17, 2007

back home

So I got back to Merida a few days ago and its nice to be home, but I ofcourse am missing Jeanette a whole lot. Anyway the trip was very good, I had tons of fun and really got to spend lots of good quality time with Jeanette. It was also nice to see Mike, Mitch, Carla, Eduardo and Zane... so all and all the trip was a complete success. I also picked up a new Zoom lends for my camera... and I am very happy with it. Anyway there is not to much to report today... so here is a photo i took with my new lends.

neat eh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ottawa & Montreal

So last Friday Jeanette and I made our way on the bus to Montreal. We stayed with friends and got to enjoy a nice easter meal. While there we hung out quite a bit in the city, had some really good food and basicaly just had a really nice time. Anyway we are back in Ottawa and I still have a few days before I have to head back home. Anyway here are a few pics from the trip and also a few from arround the Carleton university campus in Ottawa.

At the Gonzalez place for easter

Ah... the super sexe, so iconic of Montreal

Kinda busy image, but still... there is something about it I like

Nifty church

Mike and Jeanette rooting for the Habs at PJs

A nice big serving of Poutine at PJs... mmm

Some snow covered bikes on campus

Shot taken from a walking trail just across campus

Another shot from the trail

Vertical shot up a big old tree... I take these kind of pictures all the time, sometimes with nice results.

"Le Paris" in Montreal, the food was very good, the service kinda snooty... all and all very nice

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Made it to Ottawa!

Well despite an awful trip I made it to Ottawa in once piece. I almost did not even make it out of cancun... since my bus broke down arround valladolid, I ended up catching another buts and I caught my flight but just by a few minutes. Anyway my flight was delayed out of Atlanta for two hours... to that was anoying but not the end of the world after all. Anyway Jeanette and I ran arround town for a few hours today and ran a few erands. Its a little cold here but I am loving it, specialy coming from the crazy heat in Merida. Anyway ill try to post some more pics soons if anything interesting comes up. Actualy Jeanette and I are going for a walk in the woods tomorow so there may be some neat pics from that. Anyway here are some from today.

So maybe today was not a good day to be in the capital, you know... with the hoars of giant metalic alien insects invading the country and all.

I miss these so much in Mexico... *sigh*

Jeanette enjoying some fish and chips at highlander pub

This is the plane I flew in from Atlanta to Ottawa, dam Delta.

View from Jeanettes window this morning, its neving!

Pic of the Canadian royal mint... Jeanette and I may go check it out on tuesday along with the museum of civilization and a few other atractions

thats all for now.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Quintana Roo business trip

Surprise! Yet another business trip post. So last week Javier and I made way for the state of Quintana Roo (Aris was to busy to come). Anyway we started off in Chetumal, then moved on towards Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cozumel. All and all the trip went quite well and we got to stay in a couple pretty swanky hotels… so that was fun I guess. This was the last major trip for the promotions this year, so I am happy they are done with… however there is still some more travel in my immediate future since I am heading up to Ottawa and Montréal on Wednesday… and most likely to New Brunswick in June.. oh well, it sure beats being in the office.

Anyway here are some photos of the places we went.

5th avenue in Playa del Carmen, home of what is perhaps the most blatantly comercial and nond mexican place in mexico... but still, lots of fun

Ah yes, no trip to mexico is complete without the picture of the horse or donkey with a sombrero... arghhh

Cozumel as seen from the ferry terminal

Beach in playa del Carmen, nice eh?

I liked this, there was a door from the room direct in to the pool at the hotel in playa

There are so many things wrong with this picture... what is up with the little guy at the botom (*head explodes*)

No, I do not care what freud would say about this picture...

Kinda nice shot in playa

hoards of cruise tourists, the worst kind! lol