Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend update

Well, as expected I have no plans... I am such a lamer. Anyway I am getting really excited about Europe (although not excited like that guy on that webpage about having sex with cars, tina this means you), Its crazy to think that in about this time next week I should be in Rome. I hope all goes well cause I really need some time for myself... to do the whole cliche "Finding myself while bumbing through europe". In other news... I dont care if its cliche, its gonna be great, I really like that my plans are so loose, although I really hope to be able to make it to the Dream Theater concert in paris on june 25th... man that would be sweet... if any of you know any cheap hostels in paris or better yet know people, please let me know! Anyway it looks like Mike and I are still on for cancun on monday. I go to Montreal on thursady and mike on wed, so ill have one whole day to myself... I guess thats cool, it will give me a chance to gather my thoughts before I head out on my epic journey, EPIC I TELL YOU! I am kinda disapointed that the trip to Guatemala/Belize with Tona and Soples did not pan out, but I really can´t compalin... well I can, but I really should not. In any case I think that is enough BS for one day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sooo out of shape

So Maggie and I are getting pissy cause we are in such bad shape, after that awful cold I have felt like shiat... due to the lack of exersize, proper eating etc. So maggie and I decide to go for a run... wow, 5k run and like another 3 or 4 walk and I was dying... it stinks so much, especialy when you think last summer I was doing 15k a day no problem, but oh well... Ill get back in to shape soon, and besides all that running around europe with a backpack is bound to snap me in to shape. I really wanna go see StarWars ep. III like a good 10 times before I go to europe, goddam that movie rocked... still no SW-ESB (Empire Strikes Back). I have to figure out soon when exactly I am going to Cancun. I for sure want to spend some time in cancun/playa with mike before I head over, but I know my folks will not be to crazy about that idea since they have no idea when they will see me next. Oh well, things will work out I am sure.

Monday, May 23, 2005

It´s getting close now...

Wow its getting close, the going to europe that is.... in two weeks ill be in Rome... shiat! Anyway things in merida are going ok, Mike just went to Muna after having spent some days in merida with us (the Rosado´s). Its been fun to have him over, i think next week we will be heading over to Cancun for some major drinking and debotcherry. The days before yesterday we went to Campeche for the day and spent the night, it really is quite a nice city... sadly that night I was not feeling to good, but oh well I am fine now. It is really weird to think I am going to be going to europe so soon, its exciting but also a little weird especialy cause I have NO idea what is next? should I go back to Canada? return to Merida? try to find something to do in Europe? go someplace new? *sigh*

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Where in the world is Mike Gonzalez?

So Mike is supposed to show up today in cancun from montreal and take the buss to merida... and be in be 5 but this is not gonna happen since his flight had to land god knows where cause of fog. This stinks... I hope he gets in on time for us to be able to go to the beach... we already have paid for the open bar, so we better as hell get to drink ourselves silly today. Today is also graduation day for all the folks at UNB, I kinda wish I could be there... but no complaints, its nice to be home. I went out for beers last night with tona and soples, was a good time but I got home kinda late and got up early today. I read the "lion the witch and the wardrobe" for the first time today, it was kinda cool but messed up, Jesus was a lion and he was friends with santaclause, WTF??? in any case it was fun, think ill read the others also. Anyway that´s all for now.

Monday, May 16, 2005

mmm Sushi

I went out for sushi last night with Raul and his GF, it was quite good... kinda different from most sushi I have ever had, but still it was quite good and cheep. Raul and Rosana seems happy, its good to see him doing well. I was thinking the other day that when I am in Europe it would be really cool to go to Viena, I know some people over there so it would probably be a good oportunity to visit, since its so freaking expensive over there. I am having a little trouble figuring out exactly where to go after Rome... (ohhh life is so hard hehhe) Spain and France for sure, but there are just so many places. I know I cant do it all in one trip, but by god I am going to try.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Victory!... well almost, kinda, I hope...

The cough is almost gone, yay.... its still kinda there but its totally getting owned in the near future, booya. The past few days have not seen much activity at all, I have been going to the school to do some work for my folks and last night I went out with sergio and my parents to the downtown area. As always it was nice, lots of music, eats and good oportunities for photography. In any case I am anxious to be back at 100%.... so that the debotcherry can officialy start. Mike arives on the 18th which is the same day of this event thingy for the school at telchac puerto (a beach)... so although I think Mike still does not know it, he is gonna come to the beach. We get to stay at a nice hotel on the beach for free... so I cant see there being to many complaints. In any case I think that is all for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ARGHHHH this is just stupid *cough* *cough*

This cough just refuses to go away, I was up all night last night.... I am not getting enough sleep and its making me very pissed. I got my xrays back from the doctor and he says its nothing serious... but its been over 3 weeks... come on! anyway... I went out with Soples and Tona last night, we are thinking about maybe going on a little road trip to Belize and/or Guatemala... its just a time thing, I dont have much of it. Mike is gonna be around soon... so I have to figure out the schedule so that I can maximize my debotcherry. Also there is gonna be a event for TTT at Telchac (its a beach)... so i will be over there for a couple days... but my mom says I have to "Behave"... I think this means not hitting on the girls and getting drunk in the pool... in other words its gonna suck! Anyways thats all for now.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A little better every day....

So this coug thing is finaly starting to get considerably better.... it was about time. It is my mom´s bday today and tomorow its mothers day (in mexico its always on the 19th). We are gonna go for lunch at Hacinedna Xcanatun.... its gonna be awsome the food there is so crazy good. Anyway I hope to get together tonight with tona, soples, sergio, raul and the gang... maybe get some beers, play some tunes. I am starting to get a little anxious about europe... I am really excited but I really have no idea where I am gonna be, what I am gonna do, if I am gonna be able to find work.... oh well, I guess time will tell.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I give up

Ok ok ok so I know I make fun of blogs and people who have them all the time... but with all the moving around there is no way in hell I can keep in touch with everyone... so if you give a dam, here it is... hope it is not to awful.