Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekend update

Well, as expected I have no plans... I am such a lamer. Anyway I am getting really excited about Europe (although not excited like that guy on that webpage about having sex with cars, tina this means you), Its crazy to think that in about this time next week I should be in Rome. I hope all goes well cause I really need some time for myself... to do the whole cliche "Finding myself while bumbing through europe". In other news... I dont care if its cliche, its gonna be great, I really like that my plans are so loose, although I really hope to be able to make it to the Dream Theater concert in paris on june 25th... man that would be sweet... if any of you know any cheap hostels in paris or better yet know people, please let me know! Anyway it looks like Mike and I are still on for cancun on monday. I go to Montreal on thursady and mike on wed, so ill have one whole day to myself... I guess thats cool, it will give me a chance to gather my thoughts before I head out on my epic journey, EPIC I TELL YOU! I am kinda disapointed that the trip to Guatemala/Belize with Tona and Soples did not pan out, but I really can´t compalin... well I can, but I really should not. In any case I think that is enough BS for one day.


Anonymous said...

You know leaving notes like that means that people are going to think that I am a man who does indeed have sex with cars.

I found myself in Roma and then lost myself when I got back. I just re-found myself again, so it doesn't sound cliche to me.

Epic like the Iliad epic? I don't think so. But I am sure that it will be more of a mini-epic.

BS, eh? So should I assume that everything you write in here is BS or are you saying that it is BS cause you just don't feel like writing anymore. Heavens Carlos, you need to be more specific. *Big smile*

Anonymous said...

I love your Grad photo. I know that I have seen it before, but I just wanted to say it again. You look so diginfied which is so un-like you. *surpresses giggle*