Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monkeying around Palenque!

Just a quick post before I go to bed. I just got in from Mexico city and have to sort through all the photos... but I thought I would post my Palenque pics tonight. This was (I think) my third visit this year to Palenque... I have posted tons of Archaeology photos from the site lately, so this time ill just stick to the howler monkeys (since there are tons of Archaeological photos from Teotihuacan on the way anyways!) I think I got some pretty good shots, these are some of my favourites.

Oh yea, and this nifty orchid to!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Comalcalco, a pleasant surprise!

So anyway I am in Tabasco again on business. I have to admit I was dreading this trip quite a bit… but fortunately I was able to sleep most of the nine hours to Villa Hermosa. Today we had the day off but I decided that having seen “la venta archaeological park” so many times I would venture off to Comalcalco, try to do some presentations and check out the Mayan Archaeological site there. Anyway from what I could tell doing my research before I went, the site seemed to be quite small… however been the sucker for Archaeology that I am I was very enthused about going. When I got there I was treated to a very neat site. The site is not huge, but by no mean small… it has several buildings of considerable size and a couple pretty cool pyramids, the biggest being the not so imaginatively named “Pyramid I”. The site also has a really nice little museum, but what it lacks in size it really makes up in quality… however I can tell that the photos don’t really do the artifacts justice, specially since you don’t get that much of an idea of the scale. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics. If you ever find yourself in Tabasco make sure you check this place out.

Interior of Acropolis Plaza

Pyamid I photographed from its backside

The remains of a really cool sculpture of a Pelican (about 1 x .5 meters)

Very cool lifesize portrait (seems like a jolly old guy eh?)

Pyramid I

Shot of the main plaza

Some interesting stucco work

Large stucco mask (about 2.5 x 1.5 meters)

Another shot of the acropolis interior

Friday, April 04, 2008

This week in Photos (Yucatecan towns and villages)

Well this weekend I have been fairly busy travelling around the state (of Yucatan of course) for my job. The travelling is one of the things I like the most about my line of work, and I guess I am lucky since it usually gives me plenty opportunities to see interesting things and snap a few decent photos. This week I went to Ticul, Tecax, Maxcanu Abala and Oxkutzcab amongst a few others. These small towns and villages are for the most party quite small and fairly poor, however there are always interesting things to see. Anyway just as every Sunday I will be on the Paseo de Montejo trying to sell some photos and getting some of that nice Sunday fresh air. In case you would like to drop by and say hello my permanent stand number is 42. Hope you enjoy the photos.

P.S. Thanks to Aris, my particularly patient colleague!

Shrine to "Virgen de Guadalupe" in Abala

Nice shots of some kids playing arround church at Abala

I love these, they smell so good

Little fruit stand we stoped at to get some "Palanqueta"

Watermelon stand next to church in Oxkutzcab

Another image of "La Virgen"... she is a big deal in Mexico

One of two small Maya Prehispanic strucures by the highway at Yaxcopoil