Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Comalcalco, a pleasant surprise!

So anyway I am in Tabasco again on business. I have to admit I was dreading this trip quite a bit… but fortunately I was able to sleep most of the nine hours to Villa Hermosa. Today we had the day off but I decided that having seen “la venta archaeological park” so many times I would venture off to Comalcalco, try to do some presentations and check out the Mayan Archaeological site there. Anyway from what I could tell doing my research before I went, the site seemed to be quite small… however been the sucker for Archaeology that I am I was very enthused about going. When I got there I was treated to a very neat site. The site is not huge, but by no mean small… it has several buildings of considerable size and a couple pretty cool pyramids, the biggest being the not so imaginatively named “Pyramid I”. The site also has a really nice little museum, but what it lacks in size it really makes up in quality… however I can tell that the photos don’t really do the artifacts justice, specially since you don’t get that much of an idea of the scale. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics. If you ever find yourself in Tabasco make sure you check this place out.

Interior of Acropolis Plaza

Pyamid I photographed from its backside

The remains of a really cool sculpture of a Pelican (about 1 x .5 meters)

Very cool lifesize portrait (seems like a jolly old guy eh?)

Pyramid I

Shot of the main plaza

Some interesting stucco work

Large stucco mask (about 2.5 x 1.5 meters)

Another shot of the acropolis interior

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