Monday, May 21, 2007

Back from Chiapas

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Chiapas again last week (with the group from UNB). I cant really say I ever get sick of going there, it was all and all quite a good time. However sorting through my photos I realized that I got basically the same kind of photos than last time… so in an effort to keep the entry from being to stale I selected some shots I would have otherwise perhaps not. Not realizing it, many of them are of amimals… birds, cats… (not my traditional series on san cristobal dogs). Anyway here are the photos. I leave to playa del camen tomorrow with the group, I am just gonna take my little trusty DSC-P71, but I may still land a couple worth sharing shots. That’s all for now!

How about we just spare ourselves the bad jokes about this one? ok? good!

So I felt really bad for this little guy, but he is so beautiful... I was toying with the idea of getting everyone to donate 10 bucks so we could buy him and let him go... but he has probably been in there so long that he would just fall out of the sky *sigh* how sad.

Got this shot at the "puerta de mar" in Campeche, thought he looked good on that background.

These colors kinda caught my eye.

Another kitty, this time slightly bigger and a whole lot more angry.

Monkey at la venta in Tabasco, posed nicely... then started to piss on everyone, fortunately he missed.

Little boat yard at "Cañon del Sumidero" in Chiapas.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This week in photos

I know I have been a little bit lazy about updating this blog for the last couple of week but things have been quite hectic at work since I got back from Canada. Anyway I will be going to Chiapa next Saturday with the UNB Anthropology intersession group… so I will surely come back with some nice photos from that. The group has been here roughly for about a week and seem to really be enjoying themselves. Anyway here are a few photos I have taken in the past week or so.

A few old guys hanging out at the main plaza in Muna

At Muna´s market place

I just really liked how birght these radishes are (no color touch ups)

Took this photo in Valladolid at what I figure was some kind of small vegie market

Took this photo of this kinda weird ring arround the sun in downtown Mérida

Just some flowers... liked the colors and depth of field...

UNB Anthropology intersesion group 2007