Sunday, March 22, 2015

Braving the cold

Its been quite cold up here in Finnmark. Though we are technically in spring the thermostat went down to -21 Celsius. As I spend most of my week indoor with the baby I take advantage of the weekends to go on some nice hikes in to the tundra. This weekend was no exception and despite the cold I went out and ended up having quite a nice day catching up on my podcasts and photographing the local wildlife. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Partial eclipse, complete hubris

This week we got to enjoy a partial solar eclipse up here in Finnmark,well kinda... as the weather messed everything up, as usual! I had been feeling a bit cocky about the retreat of winter and of course my hubris came back to bite me in the ass. That being said it was nice to see the eclipse, even if our view was blocked most of the time by thick clouds and falling snow. In any case I have been doing my best to face the elements and get out and take photos as staying in has become unbearable! dam this cabin fever! Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos, I have also posted a short video I took during the eclipse.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dare I say it? SPRING

This may well be folly but I will say it, spring is here... or well, at least well on its way. We have had a solid two weeks of fairly warm weather up here in Finnmark and much of the ice and snow has started to met away.I am told it is still quite early as most years the snow sticks around till about May or June but I am still hopeful. Other than that there is not to much going on with the family and I as we are all fairly settled in to our routines and well... lets face it, this is not exactly the most exiting place in the world as far as social life and stuff to do. That being said I of-course enjoy any opportunity to get out an take some photos. Since it is starting to get dark latter I am finding it harder to get out and photograph the northern lights, but as you can see by the photos I am still managing =)
Hope you enjoy the photos!