Monday, March 12, 2007

2K7 Bussines trip to Tabasco pt. II

So this morning Aris and I worked in Frontera and then checked out of the hotel to make our way to Paraiso. The distance was not very far, but the roads were not all that good… actually by far the worse we had encountered, specially because we had been taking big highways until this point. We had another pretty decent sea food lunch today so that kept us fairly happy. Anyway we are now in Paraiso, there is wireless internet in the room so I am quite happy and cant really conceive of any legitimate reason to acutaly leave the hotel room since its so hot outside. At some point ill probably go out and take some pictures… and ill probably post those tomorrow, man… I really have to get a life.

I thought this made for a fairly nifty photo, alhtough I really dont envy these guys

Cute little farm near pa

Little tug boat on one of the many mangroves

Not to great a shot of these little birds, but ok i guess

"Sculpture" and I use the term loosely that reminds me of this painting Chris and I saw in Riga... but this is more tropical rather than mediteranean... i should post that sometime to.

Some guys out fishing

The hotel were we had lunch

Palm plantations

I think this guy was kinda creeped out when he noticed I was taking a picture.. but then he kinda gave me a nod.

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