Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fun times in Krakow!

So I found a last minute flight deal to Krakow and jumped at the opportunity... good call! man this city is insane, the beer is crazy cheap, the girls are really hot, there are lots of good places to eat and see... yea, it totaly kicks ass. The hostel I am at is one of the best I have ever seen, its 12 euros a night and they have free laundry, internet, real breakfast, great location and the staff is reallz cool to... yay!. Lastnight I went out with this british dude (David) and we ended up meeting some locals and drinking till 4 at a bunch of clubs and bars... and then after that we went to their place and continued to partty till like 10am... needless to say, I am destroyed. I have been trying to get some sleep but its just not happening... maybe if I walk around for a while I will be able to get some shut eye latter... I better cause we are doing the same thing today! hahah. Anyway Thats whats going now a days, ill post some pics as soon as I am back in Berlin on the 22nd.

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