Friday, March 03, 2006

Canada april 8th - 21st! weeeeeeeee

I am feeling a little gross today but oh well, here it goes. So yesterday I booked my flight to go to Montreal on April 8th (from Cancun) and I will be returning on the 21st so booya! So I am really excited about hat… I will be in Ottawa also visiting Jeanette and getting some documents I need at the Mexican embassy to make my University Degree from UNB valid in Mexico… it’s a pain in the ass but I has to be done. When I come back on the 21st Jeanette will be coming back with me so that is even more cause for excitement. She will be in Mérida for about a month or so… but after that she has to get back to Europe and then over to Russia for her intensive language training. I wish I could go… but oh well, you cant do everything and besides I am saving up so that I can go with her to Norway next Christmas. The only downside of this whole thing is that I had to withdraw my nomination from the Rome thing so that Jeanette and I could come back together… but oh well, I have been to Rome a few times before and it’s not like I will never go back… so all and all I think its for the best.

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