Monday, November 07, 2005

Sick as a dog in Montreal

Well the flight from Paris was quite a nightmare... the flight was delayed for 5 hours and then when I finaly got on the plane I cough a dreadfull cold... so now I am as sick as a dog in Montreal! On the plus side at least I never really did get that sick in Europe... so I guess I should count my blessings... although this head cold really does suck! I hope to be able to kick it soon... I have not been doing much and taking care of myself... and actualy I do feel quite a bit better than I did yesterday... probably because I actualy got some sleep, but the grogyness is still very much there. I am staying with Carla and Eduardo, Mitchel and Michael arrive tonight I think... so I dont know if I am gonna go to Mikes... or what... but what ever, I am just happy I am not going to any bloody hostels! The little mp3 player I got in berlin is woking out quite well... I wish it suported directories... but meh! it works just fine. Anyway I am planing to go to NB on the 15 or 17th ish... so I am excited about that, it will be really cool to see everyone over there and have plenty a beer at the cellar... ahhh good times, good times.

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