Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Central America odyssey pt. 7 (Santa Ana)

I decided to spend a day getting to see a bit more of El Salvador, a few people recommended I visit Santa Ana, so I did. The city is quite quaint and surprisingly nice... I have to admit that I was a little worried for my safety (and that of my camera) but I really did not have any problems at all... everyone was very nice and helpful. After my day trip I went back to the capital to get some shut eye before the bus ride to Guatemala. On said bus ride, just after we had crossed the border to Guatemala the bus came to a halt due to a protest that went on for 22 hours! Thankfully I only waited 6 hours before I ditched the bus and got a ride (having crossed the barrier) with a VERY generous woman from Guatemala city who gave some french kids and I a ride in to town.

That´s all for now, but there is plenty more on the way!

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