Saturday, August 01, 2009

Central America odyssey pt. 8 (Copan, wildlife and town)

After leaving el Salvador I headed to Antigua to spend the night and make my way to Copan (Honduras). I was a little nervous about going... with the whole military coup happening just a couple weeks before... but I figured it would be OK since it was so out of the way and far from any major cities. Actualy the Guatmela/Honduras border was the easiest crossing I had during my time in Central America. The reason I went to Copan was obviously to visit the archaeological site, but the little town and surrounding area proved to have plenty to offer. Here are the pics! (hope you have some room for more macaws!)

Sure he/she is looking a little scruffy... but still beautiful eh?

Big rodent... I think I ate one of these guys last year in the Peten (meat was a little rough)

These guys move fast! foucousing was quite a pain in the but... my little rebel XT is swhoing its limitations

Neato =)

Shot of Copan Ruinas town at about 5 am

They should probably udate this sign

As a rule I do not endorse hotels, restaurants or anything like that on the blog... well really its not a rule, I just have never felt compelled enoughto do so until now (and I have run the blog since 2005, so that should tell you something). This hacienda with beautiful rooms and very afordable prices is run to help finance "Paramedics for Children" which is an NGO which provides medical care and ambulance services in western Honduras. All procedes from "Hacienda Esperanza" go directly to the charity... so I STRONGLY encourage you to stay there if you ever find youself in Copan. The grounds are very beautiful, they have stables and all sorts of amenities... its really great. For more inforamation you can check out

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Los roedores que mencionas se llaman "cereques".