Monday, July 27, 2009

Central America odyssey pt. 2 (Panama city & Chiriqui)

Well I know I have not posted for a few weeks, but there sure is a LOT of material. During my travels I never really got around to posting, so I guess I may as well get started now. This next set of photos is still of panama, the first 3 are in Panama city and the rest are from Chiriqui province in the west (near the costarican border). I really enjoyed my time in Panama an was quite suprised by the size of the city and the beauty of its landscapes.

Dock over looking the city skyline

Another skyline shot

Nice moon shot

Daybreak in Chiriqui (Boquete to be exact)

Nice flower with little waterfall in background

Very wet jungle shots

I sure was soaked by the end of the day... my camera sure did not like all that rain and humidity, but it survived.

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