Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This week in photos

Hey people,
Here are some pics I took this week, actualy all of them are from yesterday. I took some photos over the weekend but there was nothing I really liked so I wont bother with them. All the pictures are from in and arround the center except for the one of the kids (that one I shot at the salvation army). The photo of the woman and her handicap son I thought was quite powerful... I am sorry however that the foucus was not that good, I wanted to be discrete and I was in a hurry to get the shot.You will notice its on quite the tilt... I somehow figured it was apropriate to leave it that way. I am more and more starting to worry about the ethics of photography. On one hand human drama is always the most interesting subject... but on the other one never wants to be disrespectfull, but anyway I guess this is something everyone must struggle with in their own way. Anyway here you go. I took the photo of the kids at the salvation army because I went along with a some people who were doing a comunity service and I thought it may be a good oportunity. I again did not want to impose and make the kids pose or anything, but to my suprise they were thrilled about having their pictures taken... and I got so many cute pictures, I think ill get them printed out and take them to the home... I am sure they would really like that. I took these pics with my digital rebel by the way... the sony was just not doing it with the weird light.

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Anonymous said...

Those children are adorable. I agree, you should print off some photos and see if you can give them some copies.