Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Habemus Domus!!!

So it finally happened, I go t my house!

Yesterday I went down to the housing developer office thinger majiger (I am not yet down with home owner lingo) and I got the keys to my new house! (Small 2 bedroom) This is of course a very big deal and very exciting for anyone…. It’s my first house after all. How can I afford a house? Well acutaly bealeive it or not (for my international readers) here in Mexico there is a fairly good public housing plan whereby as a worker you are entitled to credits towards buying a little house. The interests are very low and you can pay off the mortgage over quite a long time… but since the payments are so small you may as well continue paying it off little by little. Anyway the house is in a development in a new suburb of Merida called Las Americas. Its kind of far from downtown… but not really, like 25 minutes or so…. And I know that is really not that bad, but I have been used to be just a 10 min drive from work for the past year… so this seams like a long commute to me. Anyway there is lots I have to do to the house before I am actually able to move in… so I don’t expect to actually be living there for at least a couple of months… although to tell the truth I am very anxious to do so. No pics yet, but ill upload some soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That is exciting. Snazzy plan there.