Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Weekend in Götaland and Østfold

This weekend Jeanette and I went to visit her family out in Moss. From there we made the trip to the small Swedish town of "Ed" in Götaland county for the bi-annual huge market/fair. The town itself only has a permanent population of about 2000, but during one weekend in the fall and another in the spring people from all over the area pour in to the village for sausages, games and junk food, so yea, good time. The next day we make our way to Frederikstad (as per usual when visiting the in-laws for the weekend) but this time I decided to photograph a bit more of the actual city instead of the fortress town. As you can see from the pictures the weather was absolutely stunning. That´s all for now, hope you enjoy the photos!

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