Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tvergastein - A New Interdisciplinary Journal of the Environment

For the past several months I have been collaborating with a group of other students from my masters program (as well as two students from UMB) on Tvergastein - a New Interdisciplinary Journal of the Environment.

Our mission is, firstly, to showcase the wide variety of work being done on environmental topics across the different academic disciplines. Secondly, we wish to help bridge the gap between academic scholarship and environmental activism.  Source:

The first issue features contributions from several distinguished authors such as Dr. Vandana Shiva, professor Robyn Eckersley and professor David Rothenburg. It also includes a lengthy interview with professor Bruno Latour. I have also contributed an article titled "Ethical Oil: Greenwashing Canada´s Oil Sands?", as well as a couple illustrations and photographs.

The launch of our first issue was a great success and we are now preparing for the next issue!
The online edition of the journal is now available online on our website

Tvergastein Editorial board and design team.

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