Sunday, January 25, 2009

Uxmal (January 08)

Last Saturday I spent my morning at the archaeological site of Uxmal. I have posted pics from this site quite a few times, so I a sticking mostly to shots of birds, nature etc... hope you like them. In about a weeks time I will be heading out to Chiapas again, so there are bound to be tons of photos up from that... hopefully lots of monkeys!

Partially restored pyramid at Uxmal

Peek a Boo!

"Piramide del adivino" said to have been build over night by a dwarf wizzard

I like the flow of this image... if I do say so myself

The way the light was hitting the leaves caught my eye

Little bird siting on a sculpted jaguar throne

Up up and awayyy

Thats all for this time folks, check back soon!

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