Sunday, January 18, 2009

Celestun and Uman January 2009

No, its not deja vus... I was back in Celestun and Uman today for work, and as always my trusty camera came along to shot some pics. Hope you enjoy!

I quite like this shot, think it came out really nice

Flower market in Uman

Beach at Celestun

What can I say? I found a sea sponge and got an urge...

Cool fresh watter spring at mangroves in Celestun

Pelican in mid flight

Couple Flamingos hanging out

Cute bunch eh?

The great thing about photography is that every image has a story, I wonder what is theirs

Radishessssssssss we got radishesssssssss (or is the plurar just radish?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bonita la primera foto...

jajajajaja la de Bob esta buenĂ­sima.

La de los Flamingos lo mejor de lo mejor... estupenda.

Excelentes fotos Carlos