Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celesun & Cuzama

I have not been very good at keeping my promise to myself to update this blog every week… but oh well, an entry every two weeks is not that bad, right? right? Anyway here are some pictures I took during the past couple of weeks. The photos are from the cenotes in Cuzama and from a national park in the northern part of Yucatan called Celestun. The cenote photos did not turn out quite as well as I hoped… but then again I was just using a crappy little Olympus point-and-shoot… next time ill take my canon and a tripod or something. The photos from Celestun on the other hand worked out really well… which surprised me since the light was really flat and I was having lots of problems getting all those birds in to focus… but oh well. Anyway here are the pics.

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