Friday, April 21, 2006

I hate getting up at 3.30... ewwww

You know how when you get up to early your eyes refuse to open and your eyes are more purple and black than a 1940´s house wife with no skills in the kitchen??? Yea, me to.
Well I am at the airport... Jeanette and I had to get up at 3.30 to get here on time and you all know how much fun it is to get up so early, specialy when you are going to the airport. Anyway it will be nice to get home, I am really looking forward to just resting in my own apartment and enjoying the weekend. Yesterday Jeanette and I went to see the Catherine the great exibit at the museum of contemporary art in Montreal... it was quite cool, but for 15 bucks it better had been! Anyway it was quite nice to be in Canada these last 2 weeks... although things did not really go the way I planed... but then again they never seem to anyways. I am kinda pissed cause I was not able to buy my camera.... perhaps I will just pick it up in mexico... or who knows. This gate area does not seem to have a tim hortons, what the hell is up with that. NO I DO NOT WANT YOUR GOD DAMMED STARBUCKS!!!! GOD!!! I HATE YOU, YOU ARE NOT MY REAL DAD ANYWAY! *SOBS*. Yea... so as you can tell I am quite tirred, but at least the wireless internet is working... I am not sure were the signal is from but at least I am not paying those bastards at BELL for my conexion... why would you pay for it if there was a free one also? ... oh well, what ever... I am just thankful for it. Well... I guess thats it for now, to all you guys in Montreal thank you very much and I hope to see you all in Merida very soon.
P.S. Death to starbucks


Anonymous said...

Carlos, you don't mean that. You know in your heart that you love starbucks's just that you hate starbucks prices.

Carlos Rosado said...

I told you, shut up! you are not my real dad!!!