Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter holidays and Nordkapp Trip pt. 1

With Jeanette and the little one "down south" in Østfold I have had some much reveled in time off. For the most part I have stayed at home working on a few projects, watching cheesy science fiction movies and eating junk food. However I also managed to squeeze in a road trip to Nordkapp with my friends Diego and Kerry. Nordkapp (or North Cape) is the most northern municipality in Finnmark and thus in all of Europe. Though not really that far north from our home base in Vadsø, the insane geography of Finnmark with all of its mountains and fjords means that is a good 8 hour drive (including all my stops to snap photos that is). As I am sure will agree from the photos, the area is quite beautiful and has a certain rugged kind of charm. Anyway enjoy the photos and check back soon for pt. 2!

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norm said...

I wonder how long ago the area was under glacial ice? Rebounding should be noticeable on the shore areas.