Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Northern lights and binging on podcasts

Well its amazing to think but we are now full in to December. My days with Emma have been rather uneventful but full of playing with Emma and watching silly kids shows. She is such a cool little kid. Anyway I have been quite good about getting out in the evening and taking photos. My hikes also give me time to catch up on my favourite podcasts and this week I have been binging on the new This American Life podcast "Serial" and catching up on old episodes of Hardcore History... its pretty awesome. This week I also found a little patch up in the tundra with a few little pine trees which someone obviously planted there (perhaps the commune). They look very pretty with all the snow on them but they are actually quite a bit smaller than they appear in the photos. Hope you enjoy the photos!



Unknown said...

Carlos, I love your photos, you really need to send them to National Geographic or a photography magazine. Not too many people get to take shots like those and then do a great job of it!! Hope you all enjoy the holiday season...love, Mary

Carlos Rosado said...

Thank you Mary. I hope to put together a nice exhibit when we move back to Merida. I am sure everyone in Yucatan will find these quite exotic :)