Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baltic Adventure part 2: Tallinn

After things wrapped up at the NSCN seminar in Espoo I made my way to the docks in Helsinki to catch the boat to Tallinn. The boat was quite decent and really quite fast... which of course was nice. Tallinn is really charming and is a interesting mix of medieval and soviet influences. The city was damaged quite heavily during the second world war, but they have really done a good job of fixing it up and bringing Estonia's capital back to its former glory. I had quite a nice time walking around the city taking photos, however the one major downside was the weather which was quite cold indeed. One of the nicest things about Tallinn is how cheap it is, especially when you compare it to Helsinki or Oslo. Even in the most touristy parts of the old city it is not that hard to get yourself a decent meal and beer for around 8 euro... so yeah, loved that! Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos.

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