Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sierra Papakal

Today I joined a group of birders lead by David Salas to the "Sierra Papakal" to take in some birding and try to get some photos. We got an early start and left Merida by 5.3o and got to it. For much of the day the lighting was quite unfavourable and I did not manage get quite as many nice shots as I would have liked , but still... I was more than satisfied! If you are in the Yucatan and are interested in taking part in these sort of activities send me an email and I will happily forward you the contacts.
Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Joanna said...

Looking at your post today, I am reminded of something I haven't thought about for a long, long time. When you were a toddler, just learning to talk... whenever you came outside you'd immediately look up at the power or telephone lines - you were looking for birds! You'd see one and say, "Birdie, birdee!" I guess we should have known this would be a love you'd carry with you into adulthood.