Monday, March 21, 2011

Mexico City Weekend Gettaway!

This past Friday I made my way up to Mexico city for the weekend to attend a Iron Maiden concert with my friend Oscar. We decided to stay for a couple more nights and take in some laid back sight-seeing and nice food. On this occasion I took it fairly easy and stuck mostly to the downtown area... no major archaeological sites this time. All and all it was quite a nice and relaxing time! Hope you enjoy the photos!

30 Second Exposure of "Palacio de Bellas Artes"

Long exposure (5 seconds) at "Los Azulejos"

He is going to wash your windshield whether you want him to or not... path of less resistance comes to mind

El Zocalo (filter used, obviously)

A monument to Juarez in the Centro Historico

Shot from the Airplane

"El Angel" on Reforma

"Monumento a La Revolucion"

Shot of people cooling down at the fountain out in front of the "Monumento a la Revolucion"

Shot from a top the monument

That´s all for now!


La Cubanófila said...


Tom said...

Lovely shots, sounds like a fun trip - but no Iron Maiden photo????
I LOVE Iron Maiden!

Carlos Rosado said...

Just uploaded a little clip from the show to youtube just for you Debi :) MAIDENNNN!