Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southern Onatrio Countryside

After getting our fill of beagles and coffee Zane and I decided to get out in to the countryside and take some photos. The area (Kitchener-Waterloo) is quite nice and with the arrival of spring so have many nice photographic opportunities! Hope you enjoy the photos!

This turtle unique to southern Ontario is apparently quite rare and has only started to make a comeback (Midland Painted Turtle, please feel free to correct me on this)

These little guys were all over place, saw at least 20 or so of them (Western Painted Turtle)

Neat water wheel in New Hamburg... its to bad it was not operational

That's all for now!


Unknown said...

Great to see some images! Loved the b/w with bridge, and that water wheel with sun is awesome. Also liked the looking up at trees.
The bird is a starling, in case you didn't know.

Unknown said...

Great to see some images! Water wheel with sun is AWESOME! Liked b/w of bridge, looking up at trees. Bird is a starling introduced from Europe to N. America in case you didn't know.
Glad you're enjoying Canada for a bit.