Monday, May 25, 2009

Tabasco & Chiapas rain forrest extravaganza pt. 4

After exploring Yaxilan, I made my way to Bonampak which has some of the most amazing stelae I have seen anywhere and by far the best preserved frescoes in all of meso america.
The temple fieze shows modeled stuccoed figures. Murals take up an area of 1,615 square feet, covering walls and vaults in all three chambers of the building. They were created over a thick coat of lime and powdered stone plated. Mineral and vegetable pigments were used to achieve a wide color specturm.

The building itself

Ceiling panel


I guess they had maracas in mexico thousands of years ago to =) (actualy I think they are insence burners)

Although still in amazing condition, aparently they have suffered much degradation in the past 30 years.

Stone steps up to adjacent pyramidal structure

Stelae showing ruller Chaan Muan in company of his mother and wife

Large ceremonial complex

Small structure near entrence of the site, contains a stucco interior

Well that is all for this Tabasco/Chiapas trip... hope you enjoyed the photos, stay tuned!.. or loged in... or what ever.


Unknown said...

Those maracas have to be some very expensive ones, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Carlos I'm loving the pictures! Yes, I creep your blog every so often. But not too often because then I get jealous that I'm not seeing all this stuff! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carlos, I love your pictures, thank you so much!!
I´m for México City and your pictures help me a lot in my career.
I´m study Art History!!
My mail is if you need help with something.
And I´m glad that you live in my country.
Carla Mendoza