Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnaval Merida 2009

After several days the Carnaval here in Merida wrapped up. Because of work I did not have a chance to go all week, so today I figured I may as well go and brave the crowds. For those of you who dont know, Carnaval is kinda like latin americas version of oktoberfest... just that with less laderhosen and more skin. There is music, excesive drinking and scantly clad women all over the place... all in all not a terrible thing. The problem is that for about an entire week the trafic is just horrible and doing anything is just a huge pain in the but. Anyway here are some shots I took.

Many nick knacks to be bought

Carnaval is just not Carnaval without junk food

I have no idea what they were throwing at the crowds, it could have been bricks for all I care, still I wanted one

Huge crowds + really hot weather = horrible BO

They really seem to be in to this

Oh no!!! furries have infiltrated Caranaval!!!

I don't know what she wants, but I am pretty sure she needs two of them

She seems in a good mood

"See that creepy guy with the telephoto? ewww yea me to, lets just look at him in disgust"

Free promotional crap... errrr I mean items

Nice looking girls in fancy head dress, I like!

I wonder how many hours mom spent on that... pmphhhh showoffs

The king of the jungle does not seem amused

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Sergio S. G. said...

La verdad no comparto tu vision del carnaval. Eres una niña. En algún momento el carnaval nos gustó a todos. Era un bonito recuerdo, niños disfrazados, chicas en poca ropa, mucha cerveza, en fin. Sissy boy. El carnaval es una fiesta grande del pueblo, historicamente traido por los españoles, que lo adoptaron de la religión cristiana, que intentaba transformar las celebraciones en honor a dionisio. Es parte de la indiosincracia de los pobladores de las costas.